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You certainly have your very own reasons for getting a tattoo. You may want to emphasize your individual assets - shoulders, arms, back. In addition, many also want to reinforce a particularly important motto or attitude through their visualization. If you belong to the second group, Indian tattoos are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The more than 70 ideas give you a wide range of possibilities. Based on this, we also bring to mind some fashionable trends that affect tattoos.

Emphasize the beauty of your ankles with this mystical tattoo

Native American tattoos and the main trends in tattoos

Native American tattoos are somehow naturally trendy in 2022. They look particularly exotic, which is very trendy at the moment. Many motifs radiate femininity and the ladies with a strict style are often open to it. With romantic or feminine mystical motifs, they want their feminine charisma to prevail, not the serious impression they convey in principle.

The trendy colored design also goes very well with the usual Indian tattoo design. Symbolism with a deep character is one of the main characteristics of this type of tattoo. Something like that is of course very well received in difficult times that make you think.

Seductive body jewelry with a deeper meaning

Female and animal figures

Female and animal figures are associated with the divine. The animals are a kind of explanation of our character traits and a way to see the intuitive handling of them. Women with long hair and various symbols from the animal world are typical for Native American tattoos. They are especially popular with both women and men who want to understand their essence. This year we find them very often in their classic design. They are enriched by three-dimensional and colored aspects. This classic Indian symbolism is often mixed with geometry. In the picture below, a whole story with several in-depth aspects told. Have you perhaps read Pinkola Estes' book The Wolf Woman? The author is half Indian and many readers of her bestseller could get a tattoo like that.

The image of women has a deep symbolism in Indian culture

Indian tattoos as body decoration

The tattoos as pure body decoration are an important trend for the year 2022. The hands and ankles in particular are decorated with them. Most of us choose original geometric figures. The world of Native American mythology is dominated by such. Geometric figures even appear in the design of tattoos with human faces and larger scenes. There are two particularly modern strategies that we recommend. Either you decide on a very minimalist character of the tattoo or you choose an idea with colored elements. For example, neutral nuances and blue are certainly a very good idea.

The femininity of the hands could also be illustrated by Indian tattoos

Tattoos for friends and family

The bond between relatives and friends is a major theme in Native American culture. Is it the same in your life? Then it goes without saying that you feel particularly strongly attracted to this type of culture. You can find many corresponding motifs. These could be geometric figures that together create a good message. Different representations from the animal world, which represent different, complementary character traits, are also a possibility for this. You could have such symbols tattooed with some members of your family or circle of friends and thereby tell your shared story to the world.

Look at our tattoo examples and immerse yourself in the magic of the Indian world!

A minimalist idea that suits pretty much everyone

For a modern look you could spice up the tattoo with colour

Geometry charged with deep meaning

Among the Indians, the wolf is firmly associated with the character of women

Feathers and vegetable ornaments are popular in 2022

Stylish yet striking Indian style arm tattoos

A colored version would be particularly modern

Choose Native American body jewelry for hands!

You and your friends could have corresponding Indian symbols engraved on you

It is very likely that your favorite animal in the Indian tattoos also has a special meaning!

Native American tattoos are equally popular with women and men

Minimalist tattoos are up to date again

An example of large geometric tattoos

This is how you show who you really like

Modern colored illustration with a mythological character

More great ideas for hand jewelry

Ornaments, geometry, mythology - all this is often combined very well

Another tattoo to emphasize your femininity

Great idea to decorate your neck with

You can have some tattoos done temporarily for certain celebrations

How to stay individual in summer

These drawings bear ancient symbolism

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