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Especially in difficult times, festivals like Easter bring a lot of light into the family and into society. We're almost there this year. We have already published several current ideas for organizing Easter 2022 on our website. You can also find some links to this in this article. However, we are sure that you are almost done with the jewelry and the Easter gifts. If not, then grab our "last minute" ideas. Now, however, it is more time to prepare the festive meals. Information about the menu can be found here. But no less important is the modern festive table design. By the way, it could also do away with the rest of the Easter decorations if done really well. We also regard the festive Easter table decorations as a matter of experimenting with trendy decoration ideas. Some could then inspire you to redecorate your home in line with the latest trends.

The traditional colors always have a current variation

Easter table decoration - garden inspiration in modern colors

The spring garden has more or less the same colors every year. This also inspires us for the interior decoration for Easter. The light green dominates, but is spiced up by yellow and purple accents at the same time. The shades of spring flowers are always present.

Find the trendy equivalents of these colors: There are tips on how to do this in this article. A simple strategy for decorating with trendy colors would be to get creative with napkins. These are easily found in the most modern shades and patterns. You can find more tips on Easter folding techniques here. You could also paint some Easter eggs in these current shades.

A special DIY work for table decorations

Contemporary, minimalist and colourful

We can't do without Easter decorations just for fear of too much jewelry in a minimalist design. A common strategy for such cases would be to choose decorations that abstract or only hint at Easter eggs, bunnies, lambs, and other popular Easter symbols. Right now when designing the table, which is the center of the celebration, you should take the opportunity for a little more color. The blue is currently up-to-date and at the same time inscribes itself beautifully in decoration concepts. Let this or another modern color dominate. Of course, you could also choose completely neutral nuances such as white, brown, beige or even black. In this case, it is important that the Easter theme is conveyed in an equally minimalist way. You could put a bowl of eggs in one shade or another on the table like this. It is still possible that you use other figures as decoration as soon as they correspond to the monochrome Easter table decoration concept.

This decoration looks vintage and at the same time modern thanks to the blue plates

Let the dishes count as table decorations

There is no spring menu that cannot be decorated for Easter. For example, Easter eggs in a large bowl on the table next to the beautiful salad would be a current and very simple idea. You also have many options when it comes to side dishes. You can mold them in the shape of Easter eggs or even bunnies and offer them like that. After all, of course, everyone would be very happy about the special cakes and cake decorations. If you do this when eating, you will hardly need any other Easter decorations. The chocolate Easter egg ornament is sure to be enthusiastically received by everyone.

Desserts are often the best possible decoration

Give yourself beautiful crockery for Easter

Would you like to treat yourself to something nice for Easter? The themed crockery might not be the most practical solution. But let's admit - today we need a good mood and optimism. Plates shaped like Easter bunnies or Easter eggs, bowls and vases shaped like chicks, and similar ideas would bring a smile to faces. Incidentally, you can then give some of the pieces of crockery to friends and acquaintances as Easter gifts. Of course, you could also just store all the dishes on the shelf and take them out and use them again next year.

Even more decoration in trendy neutral colors

A minimalist centrepiece

A minimalist central piece and the corresponding small accents would be another very modern concept. The natural decoration with a minimalist character totally corresponds to the mood of Easter 2022. You need a tall transparent vase and spring branches with it few flowers. You could hang paper Easter eggs on it in the latest modern colors. In addition, the festive napkins could be in the same shades. The internet is full of such inspirations. We especially like the idea in the picture below with the painted letters that together make Happy Easter.

Easter table decoration with a simple festive message

The magic of simplicity

Easter enchants with its simplicity. The symbolism can be greatly reduced. Nevertheless, one feels happy and one is always warm at this festival. Probably also because spring is coming soon. With that comes hope for something better. In the following picture we see bread and grapes, which refer to the Christian faith, or to the body and blood of Christ. That would also be a wonderful idea for Easter, don't you think?

Do you already have your own concept for your modern Easter table decorations for 2022?

Noble and minimalist Easter table decoration for the most demanding

A great central piece, which is totally sufficient for Easter decorations

A simple table runner for Easter would be great and modern, don't you think?

You can even make these Easter table decorations with the children

Give yourself some themed crockery for Easter!

Monochrome concept in two contrasting colors - that looks very trendy!

Another very upscale idea for Easter 2022 decorations

Easter table setting for those of you who love Scandinavian minimalism

This decoration has a mixed vintage and modern appeal

This is what the Easter decoration could look like in black and white

Cakes and tarts as decoration - but that puts you in a good mood!

You really don't need much for the beautiful modern Easter decoration!

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