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All of us here at Freshideen have a special interest in designer apartments and houses. This is due to the creative qualities of the designers, artists and architects. They constantly inspire us with their unique, sometimes even extravagant ideas. That is why their works and their apartments and houses are the focus of our attention. Normally, these score with a unique design and perfect room planning. Every square centimeter has a function there and is used properly. We also assume that creative people tend to design their homes as a reflection of their attitude towards life. Their style and character are reflected in the interior in particular. There we can also find small details that reveal the tastes and hobbies of each artist. That's why today we have prepared a great example of a designer apartment that is definitely worth seeing, which we would like to present to you in a moment. Stick with it and let yourself be inspired for creative solutions within your own four walls!

This designer apartment looks fantastic! Actually not only the living room, but also all other rooms are unique!

  • Good example of designer apartment from China

This fantastic example of a designer apartment comes from China this time, more precisely from the city of Chongqing (over 30 million inhabitants). There is the private residence of the design director Gengbo. He heads the YHDQ design studio in the Chinese metropolis.

When renovating and designing his apartment, he was primarily inspired by the city of Chongqing and, of course, by the vibrant life there. In addition, he has tried to integrate memories of his numerous trips around the world into the interior of his designer apartment. These were also an important source of inspiration for the designer. Working with an original structure of two lofts, Gengbo removed most of the walls to transform the interior into an open and light-filled home, where the artworks and Findings of the owner are the focus. And the designer has done this in a creative way, so the end result is impressive.

A modern apartment in China that expresses the personality of the designer well.

An open ambience characterizes this designer apartment in China.

  • High aesthetics at a modern level characterize this designer apartment

Modern aesthetics can be seen everywhere in this designer apartment and can also be discovered in the smallest details. For example, a delicate shade of green makes the room look heavenly. This particular color is paired with a muted white palette to create an overall minimalist look. For the interior design, mainly soft colors were chosen, while the designer carefully and purposefully avoided saturated tones. In this way he has created a visual balance in the interior. Its high aesthetic design undoubtedly evokes a unique spiritual mood. Chinese designer Gengbo then added premium furniture to add to the WOW factor of his designer apartment. Such pieces of furniture by Loewe, Foscarini, Roche Bobois and Baxter are skillfully and purposefully distributed throughout the apartment.

Now just take a few minutes to scroll down and take your time to look at this charming modern designer apartment. It is sure to be a good source of inspiration for creative solutions in your own home too!

These are two apartments merged into one, filled with natural light and designed with cool artwork and trendy furniture.

The living room features an amazing stone fireplace, a comfortable curved sofa, trendy furniture and a corner wardrobe.

The dining area is innovatively designed yet inviting.

This soft shade of green enchants the senses!

How do you like this wide kitchen island?

Pure aesthetics in the bedroom too!

The Chinese designer has thought of even the smallest details in the interior.

If you have great ideas for your rooms…

From the ceiling to the floor, everything in the bathroom is unique and stylish at the same time!

The vanity unit with its golden finish definitely attracts everyone's attention.

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