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In times of the corona pandemic, there is a lack of important resources in some areas. Especially when it comes to breathing masks, face protection and protective clothing. Doctors, medical staff, nursing workers in old people's homes, but also many people who also want to protect themselves from infection are therefore also looking for alternative solutions. For example, many entrepreneurs, but also private individuals, have started to print protective equipment using 3D printers. In this way, in addition to face masks, protective visors can also be made from plastic. Learn how to do it yourself below. You will also find two other instructions on how to make a protective visor yourself without a 3D printer.

Make your own Corona protective visor

Covid-19 make your own protective visor (with 3D printer)

Note: This protective visor can be made from commercially available printer paste.

Tools and Materials:

  • 3D printed part 16gr
  • A4 plastic film/laminating film
  • Any elastic band, round or flat
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Foam Strips
  • Standard punch
  • scissors

You can download a precise 3D protective visor template here

And this is how it's done:

  • First you need to 3D print the part, it's small and fits most 3D printers. With an Ultimaker-3 device it looks like this: 0.2 mm resolution, 20% filling, PLA, 16 gr. After printing, we continue with the actual assembly of the protective visor.
  • Put two holes in the middle of the upper edge of the A4 foil as fastening eyelets using the standard punch. The third hole must be the same distance apart as the first two holes. To do this with accuracy, place the punch over the existing hole and use it as a guide for the next hole.
  • The plastic part has disposable slip holders for the strap. This is because the tape is threaded through.
  • A foam strip for the inside of the shield for maximum comfort use by attaching it with the help of double-sided adhesive tape.

A small 3D printer needs more than 2 hours for such a plastic part

You can easily wear a face mask and glasses under the protective visor

DIY coronavirus protective visor without 3D printer

Corona times are not only times of solidarity and pausing, but also of improvisation. This is shown by the many DIY ideas for breathing masks, protective visors, etc. that can be found on the internet.

A protective visor is an additional mechanical security solution against coronavirus

You will need the following materials and tools for the instructions in the video below:

  • A4 laminating film/thin plexiglass pane
  • elastic rubber band for attachment to the head
  • self-adhesive foam foil as spacer
  • a staple gun
  • a pair of scissors

Extra tip: You can also use a foil for overhead projectors

Instructions for the Corona protective visor from the Städtisches Klinikum Görlitz GmbH

DIY protective visor from household materials

You will need very few materials for these instructions and above all materials that you probably already have at home. However, this type of protective visor is not suitable as a professional means of protection in clinics, but it is absolutely sufficient for your own needs.

You need:

  • a small plastic bucket with a handle (approx. 18 cm diameter)
  • Clear Plastic Sheet (A4)
  • double-sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Thread
  • Tape Measure
  • Utility Knife
  • Hole Punch (Optional)

Homemade protective visor from plastic bucket

How it's done:

  • Cut a ring out of the top edge of the plastic bucket with the utility knife. Smooth the ring edges a bit if necessary.
  • Cut the plastic ring in two equal parts, leaving the handle on one side. Round the ends of the handle side with the knife so that they do not press on the head later. Then carefully remove the handle from the plastic edge and put it aside.
  • Measure 4 cm from both sides of the plastic part, mark and make a hole there with the hole punch do. Now insert the handle into the new holes on the outside so that it later allows the necessary distance between the protective visor and the face.
  • Put a hole about 1.5 cm from the edge on each of the shorter sides of the plastic wrap. Using the double-sided tape, attach the film to the visor handle, leaving about 3 cm from the top edge, as shown in the picture below.

Image instructions for your DIY protective visor made of plastic buckets

  • Cut two pieces of thread, each about 20 cm long. Thread the thread through one of the old handle holes and through the hole on the clear visor. Tie a knot and cut the ends of the thread. Pull the thread until the knot is hidden in the top part of the face shield. Repeat the same on the other side.
  • Cut the rubber band to the required length and thread it through the old finger holes and tie it. Pull the rubber band to make sure nothing comes loose.
  • Slightly round off the bottom corners with scissors. Your DIY protective visor is ready.

And don't lose your sense of humor despite corona stress!

We are all in a state of emergency right now and should use all our strength and confidence to get through this in the best possible way. But Corona times are also an interesting phenomenon and at the same time bring creativity and imagination forward. Don't let that get you down, but be positive and stick together despite temporary social isolation!

Origami face protection - an innovative idea from the USA

Even large PET bottles are sometimes converted into a corona protective visor

Corona protective visors are also increasingly becoming a fashion accessory

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