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With the increasing number of Covid-19 patients, people are panicking more and more. As a result, hand sanitizers, like the special breathing masks, are quickly sold out. There is a crisis for this all over the world. For this reason, we published many articles on the subject as quickly as possible. We showed you how to make a breathing mask yourself. You can also find funny examples like this one here. We also tried to make you laugh with some quirky ideas. In the following lines we have three simple instructions for homemade hand sanitizer. Finally, we also inform you about some other possible everyday protective measures against Covid-19.

It's pretty easy to make hand sanitizer yourself

Hand sanitizer with ethanol

The necessary materials:

  • 830ml ethanol,
  • 40 ml hydrogen peroxide 3%,
  • 15 ml glycerin,
  • A few drops of essential oil of your choice,
  • A liter of water,
  • An empty bottle or glass for about 1.5 liters of liquid,
  • Funnel,
  • Injection.


First pour the ethanol, water peroxide and glycerin into the bottle.

You need the listed tools as aids. This mixture takes about three days for all of the ingredients to mix well, work together enough, and be really effective as a result.

You should also take care of your skin he alth

Hand sanitizer with isopropanol and aloe vera

  • 250ml Isopropanol 99%,
  • 100ml Aloe Vera Gel,
  • 8 to 10 drops essential oil,
  • An empty bottle of shampoo or dish soap with a volume of about 400 ml,
  • An empty half liter jam jar.

First fill all the ingredients into the empty jam jar and stir gently with the help of a spoon or other tool. Therefore, get the shampoo bottle or packaging of another product suitable for storing and using a gel-type one Substance. Use the gel after 72 hours.

Many of the disinfectants can actually also be used to clean surfaces

Easy recipe with alcohol

This disinfectant can be made from household items alone. Here are the ingredients needed:

  • About 200 milliliters of alcohol,
  • Two tablespoons of glycerol,
  • About 100 milliliters of distilled water,
  • A spray bottle of at least 300 ml.

Mix all the ingredients and leave for three days. Then you can use the hand sanitizer.

Make sure you have everything you need to prepare the disinfectant!

The role of essential oils

If you want to make hand sanitizer yourself, it is extremely important to use essential oils. On the one hand, these have an antibacterial effect and, on the other hand, they are very helpful for skin care. The disadvantage of intensive washing and the use of disinfectants is damage to the skin. That is why you should take special care of them. You can also get information about this on our website.

Use disinfectants for the sake of your family

Other measures against Covid-19

One constantly recommends that one wash one's hands. As already mentioned, however, this can be somewhat harmful to the skin. You should also try to touch fewer objects. The gloves only help to a limited extent. On the one hand, you touch a lot of objects when you carry them for a long time, which you then take home with you. Let's take the ride on the bus as an example. You touch different door handles and surfaces, and then you pull your wallet out of your pocket with the same gloves. So it doesn't really do much. Rather, you should try to avoid touching. For example, you can open doors with your elbow. Sometimes you can also help yourself with your feet. You should also generally avoid touching your face. These are habits that will serve you well even after the coronavirus crisis.

Disinfect your hands, but try not to touch too many things!

Drink plenty of water and different types of tea

Drinking the water regularly, about a few Sips every 15 minutes could be good prophylaxis, say experts. This also applies to the hot drinks. We particularly recommend the tea. Mix different varieties because they each contain different he althy ingredients. Wash your hands regularly and properly! Air your rooms regularly. Once you get home, take off your shoes by the door. Don't walk a meter inside with it! Hang the clothes you wore on the street to air on the terrace. The air and especially the sun will disinfect them. Regularly wipe the floor with disinfectants.

Even the most cautious among you cannot completely avoid the danger of Covid-19. But if you make the right effort, you will reduce the risk to a minimum. Also learn from this article how to keep yourself from panicking!

You can, among other things, make a disinfecting gel yourself

You also save money if you make disinfectants yourself

When mixing, stick to the stated dosages.

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