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How can you protect yourself from the coronavirus? We can't remember any other question that has remained in the public eye for so long. We don't have an exact answer to that. But we want to look at the topic from the funny side a bit. Because surely a strong immune system will help against the virus. This in turn is promoted by the good mood. In general, you should keep your inner balance and a bit of humor is obligatory. Check out some whimsical breathing masks and costumes. Many of them could actually only protect you against the corona virus to a limited extent. But they make us laugh and arouse curiosity about the people. Who comes up with such ideas?

It is questionable whether the newspaper can really protect against the new virus!

Breathing masks from everything you can find

You want to run to the supermarket quickly but forget your mask, as is the habit. After all, we didn't always wear one like that! Then what do we do? We use whatever materials we can find or have on hand. In this case we see someone who has made a mask out of newspaper.

However, it is important to disinfect the paper afterwards. Otherwise the virus could theoretically be transmitted!

For some, the car is a living being and must also be protected

Symbolic actions

It is currently a hotly debated topic whether one should wear masks and take other protective measures. With a mask like this on this car, you certainly just want to express your own opinion about it. That's our explanation… At least we hope so… But you don't always know. Paranoia can motivate some people to do incredible things. Could you really believe that you have to protect your own car from the corona virus?

This is how you could persuade your child to take protection

How to wear your favorite costumes in public!

Some Star Wars and Star Trek fans might secretly be happy about the coronavirus situation. Because so they can their favorite costumes wear without looking too whimsical. You just have them and now use them in public without any problems. So maybe they would win the fight against the virus together like the heroes do in their favorite series. After all, many governments today have compared the situation to a war.

If you are indeed very afraid, no breathing masks are excessive!

Recycling Mania

The recycling fans now also have the chance to push the limits of their creativity. Perhaps they have far too many sports shoes that they no longer use? Then, after they have been washed, they could perhaps be used as such. What do you think of this idea?

Would you wear your sports shoes like this?

This is how the diving equipment is used

Allegedly, dogs don't get infected. But this man probably doesn't believe that.

Another person who is probably making some of his dreams come true as a result of the corona virus

Are such breathing masks really comfortable?

Another source of inspiration for creative fans of breathing masks

That's really sexy!

The carnival costumes can now be used again

This is how extravagant fashion freaks can be out and about. Multi-function protection!

Nowadays that inspires more trust!

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