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Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading very quickly. There are now around 95,390 people in Germany (as of April 6th, 2020) who are infected with the new virus. We hear about it all the time in the news or read about it online. However, it remains unclear what exactly the coronavirus is and where it came from. Nevertheless, it continues to do its mischief. In this difficult situation, most people are a little afraid that they could easily become infected. That is why the government has introduced curfews and social isolation. But the big question is what can each of us do to protect ourselves and our loved ones from coronavirus. We answer immediately: A lot actually! Everyone can help to contain the pandemic. Today we give you simple tips on how to prevent infection. On the one hand, these are easy to follow, on the other hand, they are all sensible and useful.

Here are some simple tips on how to protect yourself from coronavirus!

  • Washing your hands properly is the be-all and end-all of prevention and can protect you from coronavirus!

Good hand hygiene is the be-all and end-all of prevention and can protect you well against the new type of corona virus. The experts at the Robert Koch Institute and other virusologists recommend that we wash our hands thoroughly and frequently.

One should not forget the wrists, the spaces between the fingers and the nail bed. After washing our hands, we have to dry everything thoroughly with a clean cloth towel or rather with a disposable paper towel. It is also recommended to wash your hands for about 20 seconds, ideally humming the song "Happy Birthday" twice instead of looking at the clock! You can find more information about washing your hands properly here.

Wash your hands thoroughly and ensure good hand hygiene!

Teach your little ones to wash or sanitize their hands before every meal.

To prevent coronavirus you can also use a good disinfectant. But if you don't have one, you can wash your hands with a conventional soap or even better with a liquid soap. In addition, one must not touch the face with unwashed hands, more precisely the mouth, nose and eyes! Also, teach your toddlers not to eat with their hands. You must also learn to use cutlery and napkins. Avoid putting your hands on shopping trolleys, doorknobs and railings, use plastic gloves in these cases. COVID-19 viruses can easily get onto these surfaces, but they don't remain active for long. In principle, the following applies here: Avoid shaking hands, keep your distance from other people and limit contacts!

Surely you need a good disinfectant. However, a face mask can hardly protect you from coronavirus.

Face masks - yes or no? Expert opinions differ on this.

  • Can a face mask protect against coronavirus?

Opinions are divided on the need to wear a face mask in public. Many people wear these masks every time they go out of the house. However, the experts at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) write that there is “insufficient evidence that wearing a mouth and nose protector significantly reduces the risk of infection for a he althy person who wears it”. The World He alth Organization (WHO) has also called on “not to wear a face mask if you are not ill yourself”. Such a mask is only a must for people who are already infected, because it allows them to protect other people from coronavirus. It is also emphasized that wearing face masks could create a false feeling that you are properly and 100% protected. This in turn could lead to other problems, such as neglecting hand hygiene. And that must not happen!

Start the day with a he althy and vitamin-rich breakfast!

protect against coronavirus have a he althy vitamin-rich breakfast in the morning

With the new type of corona virus, a lot revolves around the good defenses of the human body. That's why tips for strengthening the immune system are very useful. However is In most cases it is very individual how one strengthens one's defences. Some people swallow one vitamin C pill a day and think that's enough for them. Others prepare fresh smoothies in the morning, which are real all-rounders for good he alth. But one thing is certain: now you need a varied and vitamin-rich meal. For example, fresh leafy green salads, more spinach, kale, carrots and sweet potatoes belong on the dinner table! With this you can strengthen your immune system and successfully protect yourself against coronavirus! We have already published an article about he althy and balanced food in times of the Corona crisis. Today we want to give you specific tips to protect yourself safely from the COVID-19 virus.

Whenever a virus is rampant, you have to strengthen the immune system!

Or rather always think about it!

  • Tips on how to protect yourself from coronavirus and how to counteract it yourself:

  1. Probiotics regulate the intestinal flora and increase your body's resistance. You can take a high-quality probiotic in capsules from the nearby pharmacy or integrate dairy products such as yoghurt into your daily menu;
  2. Lots of vitamin C is a well-tested remedy that works well against the flu. Even in the case of the corona virus, it is definitely recommended. Therefore, eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, make sure that you consume citrus fruits every day or prepare fruit juices from them. As is well known, these contain an extra portion of vitamin C.

Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables!

Green smoothies are good for your he alth!

  1. Educate yourself better about the healing power of nature and include natural antibiotics in your diet. Here we mean, for example, ginger, turmeric or some herbs that also work well against viruses. For example, prepare yourself a ginger tea or ginger shot and then notice the difference in how you feel. The healing properties of turmeric, a miracle cure from the Far East that has many benefits for our he alth, should not be underestimated. You can also drink a hot herbal tea every day, such as with thyme. This smells good and at the same time strengthens your immune system, because thyme is known for its anti-viral Effect known.

Discover the healing powers of herbs, such as dandelion and rosemary.

Extra tip: If you have symptoms of illness, you must contact your doctor immediately. In all other cases, you can follow our tips and protect yourself and your loved ones from coronavirus. Stay he althy, stay at home if possible and we can get through the Corona crisis together.

Carrots or carrot juice? You decide! Or maybe both!

Plums are a natural source of vitamins!

Spinach definitely helps to strengthen our immune system.

Stay at home and eat he althy!

Now you can spend a lot of time with your loved ones!

Stay he althy!

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