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Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in all areas of life. More and more people are deciding to live and act in a more environmentally friendly way. It's really about everything - from shopping and living to working, traveling and going on vacation. Even when it comes to heating, there are some good alternatives to oil and gas heating. Would you like to heat both environmentally friendly and cheaply? Then you should definitely opt for a pellet stove. In the following lines you will learn what is important and what advantages and disadvantages such an oven has.

What makes a pellet stove?

Unlike wood-burning stoves or fireplaces, a pellet stove, as the name suggests, requires pellets as fuel. This is about 3-5 mm large pellets made of wood chips, which are pressed together with water and corn starch under high pressure. For this very reason, pellets have an extremely high calorific value and are also absolutely sustainable. Because these consist of 100% waste from the wood industry.

Each pellet stove has a pellet store that is filled with the required amount of fuel. The pellets are then conveyed into the combustion chamber of the stove by means of a so-called screw conveyor. Lighting it up is just as uncomplicated and happens with a glow or spark plug. The ash after combustion is automatically collected in a special container that needs to be emptied no more than 2-3 times a year.

What types of pellet stoves are there?

In addition to the individual stove, which only supplies the room with sufficient heat, the so-called water-bearing pellet stoves are also quite popular. Because these are connected to the heating circuit in the house and give off their heat thanks to an integrated water pocket (a kind of heat exchanger).

The balanced flue pellet stoves, on the other hand, are specially made for passive and low-energy houses. In order to maintain the perfect insulation of the house and at the same time not to cause deterioration of the room air, such pellet stoves draw the required combustion air from the outside air.

By the way, there are also combi ovens, which are particularly recommended if you still want to hear the crackling and cracking of the fire from time to time. In addition to pellets, they also burn logs.

No matter which of these types you choose, you get a technically innovative system that is easy to use. So that you play it safe when choosing your pellet stove, you should definitely rely on expert advice and high quality, such as this one at kamdi24.

The most important advantages and disadvantages of a pellet stove

There are many obvious advantages with a pellet stove. We've summarized most of them below. The few disadvantages are also mentioned below. However, these are rather relative and can vary from consumer to consumer, depending on taste and perception.

By buying a pellet stove you get the following advantages:

  • no fossil fuels or logs needed;
  • there is no need to constantly add more wood as with wood-burning stoves;
  • the combustion process is CO2 neutral;
  • water-bearing pellet stoves are eligible for funding from BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control);
  • burning produces a minimal amount of ash;
  • low running costs and easy maintenance;
  • quick and uncomplicated cleaning;
  • convenient remote control;
  • cozy warmth in your own four walls;
  • a technologically innovative product with a modern design;
  • can be connected to conventional heating or solar thermal systems.

What could be perceived as a disadvantage:

  • the crackling sound of the fire is missing;
  • insufficient heat for several rooms or an entire house;
  • water-bearing pellet stoves have slightly higher acquisition costs;
  • Compared to conventional stoves, the viewing window is slightly smaller.

We hope that with this basic knowledge of pellet stoves, we have made things clearer. Let us inform you in more detail about it and give your home a cozy warmth that is also sustainable at the same time. Benefit from the numerous advantages of such a stove and always be one step ahead when it comes to future-proof heating.

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