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There is usually very little space in the bathroom. Refurbishing, renovating or completely redesigning the bathroom is therefore always a masterpiece. In order to implement a good plan for a bathroom, you need not only specialist tradesmen but also the necessary change. It is important to plan carefully beforehand so that the costs do not run out of control. One point is always essential, even in the smallest of bathrooms: storage space. A bathroom is no longer just functional. Modern bathrooms are oases of well-being. For a perfect bathroom ambience, you not only need practical furnishings, the bathroom furniture and accessories also play an important role, such as beautiful materials, cozy towels or warm lighting.

Figure 1: When planning the bathroom, it is important to plan enough storage space and storage options so that care products, accessories and towels are not just lying around everywhere in the bathroom.

Bathroom furniture for your personal wellness temple

Today, a modern bathroom is more than just a place for personal body care. It is also a place for rest and relaxation. The shower with rain shower head or the whirlpool, chic fittings on the free-standing bathtub or a mirror cabinet invite you to a beauty program. This is how the daily body care program becomes a wellness ritual. With bathroom furniture and matching accessories, a bathroom becomes a private spa. Chic poufs made of waterproof material as shelves, small stools and chests of drawers made of wood create a warm ambience. Wooden bathroom furniture in natural tones enhances the cozy effect. So that there is no chaos with the many different care products, small baskets are well suited. Hair ties, cream tubes, hair masks and combs can be easily stowed away in it.

Figure 2: "Floating", floor-level bathroom furniture gives the bathroom an airy atmosphere. It also makes it easier to wet wipe the floor.

Bathroom furniture for more storage space makes the bathroom more practical

Storage space is missing in many bathrooms. Attaching wall cabinets or bathroom accessories is not always so easy in fully tiled bathrooms, because drilling tiles has its pitfalls. In addition, there can be problems with rented apartments lead to the landlord if the tiles end up with holes. There are storage space ideas and cheap bathroom furniture that don't need to be drilled. There are adhesive options that can later be removed without leaving a trace and still hold up very well.

Small mobile containers are inexpensive bathroom furniture that can be used not only as storage space, but also as seating. There is also often a lack of storage space in the shower. There are hanging baskets as a solution that can be hung on the shower partition or that can be placed on the fitting - also without drilling holes in the tiles. There are also chic adhesive accessories for the washing area, such as hair dryer and towel holders, soap dispensers or shelves.

Flooring - an important topic in bathroom planning

In the bathroom, the floor covering must meet special requirements just like the bathroom furniture. The humidity is particularly high there, there is always water vapor in the air and the occasional minor accident results in shower or bath water spilling onto the floor. The classic in the bathroom are tiles. But modern floor coverings open up far more possibilities for individual bathroom design, such as cork, vinyl, laminate or a stone carpet.

A colourful, warm and fluffy bath rug can be an attractive eye-catcher. At the same time, it ensures more stability on the partially wet bathroom floor thanks to a non-slip coating on the back. A beautiful bath rug makes the bathroom complete. It spreads a homely atmosphere and ensures comfortably warm feet.

Figure 1: Pixabay © shadowfirearts (CC0 Public Domain) Figure 2: Pixabay © PIX1861 (CC0 Public Domain)

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