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Have you ever looked at old documents or handwritten maps from the last century? Or maybe a beautiful, handmade copy of an old book in a museum? What they all have in common is that they are written so gracefully that there is hardly anyone who does not fall in love with them immediately and asks at least some of the following questions: How could one write so beautifully? Could I learn calligraphy too? The answer to the second question is clearly yes! But before that, we would like to bring you closer to the magical world of calligraphy and show you clearly why this craft is actually so valuable and unique.

Practical, beautiful and decorative

Short history and variations of calligraphy

The art of beautiful writing, or calligraphy in other words, goes back much further than we think. In fact, it is directly related to the development of written and spoken language. Therefore, calligraphy is formed at different times in different parts of the world and has its own unique appearance in each country. By far the best known are of course the schools of Chinese, Japanese and Arabic calligraphy. Latin, Greek and Hebrew calligraphy is no less exquisite. If you want to learn calligraphy, you must choose one of the schools.

Poems look so much more elegant and impressive

From craft to art direction

Calligraphers at that time wanted to create texts that were visually easy to understand - with equal spacing between characters, accurate proportions and graphic layout. In addition to these rules, however, each of the calligraphers used ornaments and other details that not only visually but also emotionally enriched the text. Accordingly, we can safely state that each writing master had their own unique style.

Small visual details enrich the words

Calligraphy in modern times

Of course, with the birth and development of the printing press and then the computer, calligraphy entered the Background. However, their function as carriers of emotions and as a means of self-expression is now stronger than ever. While centuries ago their primary purpose was to convey information, today much more importance is attached to their decorative value.

Now calligraphy is used as the basis for a number of computer fonts and increasingly in graphic design. Thanks to this unique art direction, we have breathtakingly beautiful wedding invitations, greeting cards and unforgettable labels for everyday products. Calligraphy is experiencing a real renaissance with hands-on online courses where you can learn hand lettering and calligraphy in no time.

Hand lettering is a modern form of calligraphy

Special calligraphic markers and pens are already available in almost all specialist bookstores and art shops. Each individual writing instrument creates a different effect on the paper. It is a good idea to start your exercises on special templates first. Just as children learn letters, adults also need to train their hands. This is where perseverance and willpower come into play. Don't give up, even if it seems impossible at first! All beginnings are difficult.

You can only learn calligraphy with a lot of patience and practice

Learning calligraphy and how it directly relates to your he alth

The connection between calligraphy and the development of character traits such as strong will, patience and creativity is more than obvious. In terms of physical he alth, calligraphy has proven similar to meditation. Perhaps that is why some of the most famous scribes have lived to enviable ages, and in exceptionally good he alth and sanity.

If you're looking for a new hobby, there's nothing stopping you from trying calligraphy. This unique art movement offers a great opportunity for self-expression and inevitably inspires admiration. Just think of all the amazing posters, greeting cards, invitations and decorations you could make with it!

Get started today!

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