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If you're looking for creative Easter crafts right now, we've got just the thing for you - 33 great Easter craft ideas using paper and card. For most of them you will also find the appropriate instructions in pictures and the explanation for them. Craft ideas with paper are always very popular with both the little ones and us adults. Folding an origami Easter bunny, making beautiful Easter eggs or little chicks and lambs out of cardboard - just great!

For our Easter craft ideas, all you need is craft or gift paper, cardboard, e.g. B. Paper plates, glue and scissors. Some projects also require a few pompoms, colorful buttons, small bows or eye stickers. Just by looking at the pictures you can quickly see how to master the Easter bunnies, chicks, flowers and eggs. Where necessary, we will of course also give you tips and are always happy to support you with Easter crafts with paper.

Paper Easter crafts are fun!

Let's start with the Easter eggs! Although these are mainly seen as real, beautifully painted eggs on the Easter table, they are also very popular as atmospheric decoration. Crafted from paper, Easter eggs also look great, of course. These ideas are so easy to implement that they can also be used for crafts with children.

Make colorful Easter eggs out of paper

Using a template, cut out any number of such eggs - one each from paper and cardboard or cardboard. Then glue the paper eggs to those made of cardboard to gain more strength. The Easter eggs are now ready to be decorated. For the example above, it would be best to use white paper. This way the colors come out better. Washi tape would be an alternative to this. And these stylish gift tags pictured below can be made from beautiful craft or gift wrapping paper. Of course, you can also use them as Easter decorations around the house in general.

Paper crafts - easy and quick to make

Or you prefer to make original Easter cards?

And such funny chicks and Easter bunnies can be created by even the smallest hobbyists among you. Simply use the egg templates again, separate the motifs, glue small pieces of paper for the bunny ears and the chick wings, add eye stickers and… done! It couldn't be easier.

Paper Easter crafts for the little ones

Decorated with beautiful paper or serviettes, real, boiled eggs are suitable as an original gift for Easter brunch or as magnificent place cards at the festive table. All you need is small ribbons and stickers or cards where you can write the names of the guests or a nice congratulations.

Simple idea, big effect!

Of course you shouldn't forget the great serviette technique when making Easter crafts with paper. It is not for nothing that the so-called decoupage is very popular with many experienced and inexperienced hobbyists. It's great fun and can be used in almost any decoration or craft project. When decorating Easter eggs using the serviette technique, we recommend using only white eggs so that the serviette motifs can be better expressed.

Select beautiful flower motifs for the Easter eggs

There can be no Easter without the Easter Bunny! Easter handicrafts don't work at all without the sweet little long-eared bat. And this can be found in many different variants. For example as an original bookmark made of paper. Below you will find the exact instructions in pictures. This allows you to create not only the Easter bunny, but also a chick or lamb.

Paper Easter Bunny Bookmarks

1. Step

2. Step

3. Step

4. Step

5. Step

6. Step

7. Step

Draw funny faces on it!

Enjoy your reading with Easter spirit!

Easter bunnies are also quick and easy to make from paper plates and cardboard. Add a bit of flexible plush and eye stickers and you're done! Simple cardboard bags can also be used to create great gift packaging with rabbit faces on them. Simply draw eyes and mouths on them with the pen and glue a paper bow or bow tie to give your bunny an even more original look.

Paper Plate Easter Bunny Ideas

Fill the Easter Bunny bags with cute Easter egg candies!

And why not make these creative paper cup covers for the festive Easter brunch? All guests will definitely be happy about it and have even more fun at the table.

Original Craft Ideas for Easter Brunch

It is best to use white cardboard for this DIY project

And if you want to make it even faster then you need this craft idea below:

Flowers are a theme in their own right when it comes to Easter paper crafts. At Freshideen we have numerous DIY ideas with instructions on how to make flowers out of paper or cardboard. Here are just a few of the simplest of them. Besides paper you will need some buttons, popsicle sticks and glue. Small hobbyists will definitely be particularly happy.

With a bit of imagination beautiful flowers can be created for Easter

Easy idea with flowers for Easter crafts with kids

Paper liners for muffins are quickly converted

How do you create such a beautiful paper flower wall decoration?

It's easy… step by step!

And another springtime decoration idea for advanced crafters

Below you will find a lot of original and very simple DIY ideas for your Easter crafts with paper. Conjure up funny Easter bunnies and chicks, beautiful flowers, cones stuffed with sweets and loving Easter cards and celebrate beautifully!

The Freshideen editorial team wishes you a happy Easter!

Get inspired and be creative!

Cute DIY Paper Easter Bunnies Garland

Of course you can also do without pompoms…

It's all about the packaging!

DIY instructions for Easter bunny packaging step by step:

This could be a carrot, for example!

It works the same way… as a candy bag

Original candy bowl for little hobbyists

Easter Bunnies Galore

And spring can come!

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