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Here, at fresh ideas, we have written a lot of articles about the benefits of bamboo. The following topic refers to the bamboo hedge as part of modern garden design. Actually, there are many conflicting opinions that one hears or reads every day. That goes without saying, because bamboo is a plant with its own unique character. It can grow very quickly and conquer new areas. But as you can probably guess, this property has a good and a downside. Our opinion is that you can only benefit from a bamboo hedge with the right care. Want to learn how? We would be happy to summarize the most important information for you!

Your bamboo privacy screen can look so beautiful

An overview of the advantages of the bamboo hedge

Let's start with a motivating list of the benefits of bamboo hedge in the garden:

  • Bamboo can grow into a dense and high hedge within a short time;
  • A bamboo hedge is opaque and will protect your privacy well;
  • It can grow very tall and even serve as a privacy screen for the first floor;
  • The bamboo hedge is evergreen and that makes it particularly attractive in winter;
  • There will be no litter in the form of berries from such a hedge.

Reach for the bamboo if you want to secure a privacy screen really quickly

The right care

Rhizome barriers

Now we come to the tricky point. Familiarize yourself with the character of bamboo and take care of it accordingly! You should set up some rhizome barriers before these plants grow indiscriminately. In fact, it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise you give this "monster" a lot of freedom and this could very soon become a real problem. Some gardeners underestimate this danger because it is not really noticeable in the first two years. But in the third year you will clearly see and feel them. The rhizome barriers must be between 60 and 80 cm. They can be ordered from the Internet in the best quality.

The Bamboo hedges can look very different

root care

The rhizome barriers are mandatory measures, but they would by no means control the development of your bamboo hedge. Despite these, you should regularly dig up the garden soil around them. Also, you would need to cut back part of the roots at least once a year.

Bamboo hedge in a raised bed would also be an option

Subsequent measures

If you've already planted the bamboo hedge without the constraining measures, don't panic at all. There are measures that still need to be taken. You should simply observe the bamboo hedge and cut back the roots at least once, but preferably twice a year. This measure is mandatory and you could additionally dig up the ground around the hedge.

A house with a bamboo hedge in front looks quite charming

Bamboo in flowerpots

You will have a lot less stress when you build your bamboo hedge with the help of plant pots. As soon as the plant containers are placed side by side in the ground, together they form a bamboo hedge. However, their roots are under control because they are constrained by the vessels in which they are located. However, this approach may require transplanting after some time. Otherwise, the flower pots would become too narrow for the roots and eventually this will also damage the plant itself.

You can buy already tall bamboo plants in flower pots

Choose the right type of bamboo for your garden design style!

There are thousands of different bamboo plants. Of course they are not all represented on our market. But we also have a certain variety from which you could also benefit in a purely practical way. For example, there are some species that spread on the ground surface. But there is also the climbing bamboo, which would probably be a better option for many of you. You could learn more about it here!

How to make a bamboo hedge out of flower pots

So when is the idea for a bamboo hedge favorable?

The tree hedge is clearly not suitable for people who don't have time for regular garden maintenance. If you eventually get the roots losing control of it, you would be in real trouble. It would be tedious to make amends! However, if you like to spend some time in the garden and want to have a privacy screen ready quickly, then the bamboo hedge would be ideal. In addition, the bamboo hedge would be successful if you want to give your garden an exotic or just a little eccentric character.

Hopefully you have enough information to decide if the bamboo hedge is for you or not. The attached images may serve as additional inspiration.

Bamboo is also sometimes found in parks

The bamboo plants grow under a wide variety of conditions

Would a bamboo hedge be a good idea for you too?

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