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Are you likely to stay at home with your children at Easter? Many families are probably feeling the same way this year. In the interests of the mental and physical he alth of all family members, it is best to think up a great many different games. They would make the party happier. The games also distract you a bit, the good mood is kept and maybe you will eat a little less. If you repeat the games often enough, they can become a habit. Then you can use it to keep you entertained longer after Easter. We have some very simple ideas for Easter games for you and your kids. Hopefully they match your likes and affinity.

The Easter eggs are part of almost all Easter games

Our 7 suggestions for Easter games

Easter games - idea 1: who has the most easter eggs?

The materials needed:

  • Several empty jam jars or similar containers,
  • paper sheet,
  • Easter basket,
  • pencils,
  • eraser,
  • A lot of small chocolate eggs.

Fill the jam jars with any number of chocolate eggs, or

other easter eggs. Cut the sheet of paper into small pieces and give them to the participants. Everyone should then count their own chocolate eggs. The others should each try to guess the number. Whoever is closest to the truth is the winner. The one furthest from the true number of eggs is the loser.

Soup spoons and Easter eggs - there are many Easter games with these two components

Easter games - Idea 2: Easter memory game

The materials needed

  • Some large sheets of paper (preferably cardboard),
  • Pencils or crayons with different colors

The Rules of the Game

Cut out smaller pieces of paper in the shape of playing cards. Draw Easter eggs on one side. That would be the back of the cards. They could be the same or different colors. It is important that the really resemble Easter egg patterns. On the front you should draw Easter bunnies, lambs, chicks and other Easter characters. Stay with the animal theme! Every player should get some of these homemade playing cards. He should look at the side with the animals for a few seconds and then the back will be turned again. The remaining players should try to match the animal figures to the different playing cards. A great game for developing children's memory!

Fill everyday life with lots of drawing and painting

Easter games - idea 3: discover the egg!

The materials needed:

  • paper sheets,
  • Pencils or crayons on request,
  • paper scissors,
  • Bowl, hat or bowl (opaque).


First paint and then cut out Easter egg figures from a sheet of paper. Each individual paper should then be cut in two again. In the hat or similarly in another container you should mix the parts of the different paper eggs. The children should bring the respective halves together.

If the weather permits, you could play a bit in the garden

Easter games - idea 4: Easter animals

The materials:

  • Illustrations of animals,
  • paper sheets,
  • Paints or pencils,
  • paper scissors,
  • Bowl, hat or bowl (opaque).

Take the figures of the animals and trace them on the sheets of paper available. If necessary, teach the children what sounds the animals make. Shuffle the animal characters in the keys you selected. The child should choose a character and imitate the corresponding sounds and movements of the animal.

Decorating Easter eggs would also be a great party game

Easter Games - Idea 5: Hit the target!

The necessary materials:

  • A medium sized basket;
  • Some artificial, small Easter eggs made of paper or chocolate.


Place the basket on a table or other surface at the same height. The children should get the Easter eggs and then take a few steps away. Consequently, you should try to hit the basket.

This is how playing cards would be at Easter look out

Easter games - idea 6: Easter egg race

You need this:

  • Cooked or artificial wooden or plastic Easter eggs,
  • soup spoon,
  • At least four people,
  • A wide running surface without hurdles.

You need at least four people for this game so that they can split into two teams. Also, you need a wider area that is clear. Determine the point of the start and the final, as well as the points for the handover of the "relay". With the help of a soup spoon, the participants have to bring the respective egg to the pre-determined intermediate and final points. Whoever makes it faster is also the winner.

You can use different materials and figures for the Easter games.

Easter games - idea 7: music competition

The preparation:

  • Easter carols (from a CD or YouTube),
  • Possibly special costumes and clothes of Easter animals.

Play the Easter songs one by one and the children should dance like the corresponding animals. To make it more fun, you can prepare special costumes and choreography.

Maybe you can make surprise eggs with the children?

Encourage the children both intellectually and physically

We intentionally put together games that simultaneously stimulate children physically and intellectually. Both are very important if you stay at home for a long time. Demanding pursuits break the habit of squatting in front of the TV or computer games. You might also be able to avoid overeating. Furthermore, our games are suitable for a larger and smaller number of participants.

By the way, you could also make something active out of the passive games! Make up some funny "pen alties" for the losers! For example, you could sing or dance something. Such games allow the participation of parents and other adults. After all, every joint handicraft and decorating is to be seen as an Easter game.

The main thing is that you ensure variety, a good mood and a feeling of togetherness!

You could organize a game together after decorating!

You could do something like that handicrafts with the children as well

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