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Wallpaper is making a big comeback in interior design and is becoming increasingly popular. In recent years, floral wallpapers have become particularly popular. They score with their fresh patterns and beautiful colors, their unique design is unsurpassable. Interestingly, they can be seen everywhere in our apartments and houses, from the bathroom, hallway and kitchen to the living room, bedroom and children's room. It's not just about making a statement in the room, because with floral wallpaper you can express your personal preferences. It's more about accent walls in bold colors and unusual floral patterns that bring a breath of fresh air into the ambience. Today we would like to go one step further and present you with some new ideas for the creative use of floral wallpaper in the kitchen. What do you think of the idea of designing your kitchen splashback with floral wallpaper? For example, instead of boring tiles, beautiful flowers are in front of your eyes every day. Could you like this better?

A floral kitchen splashback couldn't be a bad idea, right?

Unfortunately, many homeowners are rather skeptical when it comes to a kitchen splashback with floral wallpaper. Most find it totally impractical and immediately call it a bad idea. However, we have a different opinion and today we want to introduce you to the pros and cons of such a wall design in the kitchen.

The kitchen mirror should not necessarily be designed with tiles. Other materials can also be used in this regard, including floral wallpaper. In this article you will also find beautiful pictures that only confirm the thesis that a kitchen back wall with floral wallpaper brings great visual variety into the room. Stay tuned and let yourself be inspired for an extraordinary design idea for the kitchen splashback!

Are you attracted to such a kitchen design?

  • What are the advantages of a kitchen splashback with floral wallpaper?

Creating a tiled kitchen mirror can be very expensive. It's always a lot of work and quite a lot of time and money. Also, this isn't for everyone, so you'll definitely need the help of an experienced handyman in this case. And what about a kitchen splashback with wallpaper? This is fairly easy to do, so anyone with little manual skill could successfully master such a wall design in the kitchen. A kitchen mirror with wallpaper costs nothing if you want to use leftovers from the last wallpaper in another room. In addition, wallpaper in the kitchen is the perfect idea if you live for rent. Unlike tiles, these can be easily removed.

A kitchen splashback with floral wallpaper is always eye-catching!

In addition, a kitchen back wall with floral wallpaper represents a visual variety and serves as a room decoration in the kitchen. At the same time, it increases the aesthetic value of the whole room. Floral wallpapers always attract attention with their stylized patterns and skilfully selected colors.

This kitchen splashback with green plant motifs slightly blurs the line between indoors and outdoors.

The new aesthetic in the kitchen looks like this!

  • What else should you consider when designing a kitchen splashback with floral wallpaper?

In order to be able to realize the design idea for a beautiful and at the same time practical kitchen back wall with floral wallpaper, you would have to consider a few things. First of all, you need to choose the right wallpaper. First and foremost, the floral wallpaper needs to be water resistant so it doesn't soak up liquids near the sink. In addition, to be able to enjoy the colors and patterns for a longer period of time, they must be protected from grease and water splashes with a glass plate. Better to avoid textured wallpapers and look for ones that are made of a durable and wipeable material. And designed specifically for kitchens! Only then can you look around for the right colors and patterns that will fit seamlessly into your kitchen. With all of these specifics in mind, ask the speci alty wallpaper shop for floral wallpapers that meet these exact criteria. Only then can you start attaching the wallpaper in your kitchen begin.

Delicate floral wallpaper will definitely bring a happy feel to your kitchen.

  • A kitchen splashback with floral wallpaper also has its disadvantages

The kitchen splashback is exactly the place in the kitchen that can easily get dirty. It is therefore essential to protect them from water and grease splashes. It would be best if you put a glass or vinyl sheet on top and fix it. Otherwise you should change the floral wallpaper quite often. That, in turn, entails new costs, which is not desirable.

As you can see, when designing a kitchen splashback with floral wallpaper, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons before making your decision. If the aesthetic is dominant for you, then you can immediately choose an eye-catching floral wallpaper for your kitchen mirror. Practically minded homeowners may have some doubts about this. We briefly presented the pros and cons of the kitchen splashback with floral wallpaper. But the final decision is yours!

The floral wallpaper on the kitchen splashback can contrast with other surfaces in the kitchen.

If you like the tone on tone design… .

In most cases, it's colorful and cheerful!

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