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Spring is definitely just around the corner and we are all looking forward to it. Spring time is also craft time. You can not only make original Easter eggs and Easter bunnies yourself, but also sweet chicks, small Easter baskets and cute little lambs. Handicrafts for Easter are great fun for young and old and provide variety for Easter decorations every year. If you are just looking for new craft ideas for your atmospheric party, then, as usual, you have come to the right place. Easter eggs made of wool, rabbits made of cardboard or lamb made of cotton wool can be made quickly and easily. Just look at the great pictures with instructions and try them out for yourself.

Bunnies and chicks crafts for Easter

Easter eggs made of wool

Let's start with DIY Easter eggs, because they are the most important symbol of Easter and are always the center of attention. Not only to hide for the little ones or hung outside on the Easter tree, but also as a tasteful table decoration and small gift for Easter brunch - Easter eggs are so versatile and always a must for the spring festival.

Coloring and painting Easter eggs is one of the most popular craft ideas of all. You can also make Easter eggs yourself from many different materials. DIY decorative eggs made of yarn or hemp, for example, are very popular. And how are these made? Easy and fast! Below we show you exactly how to do this.

Make your own original Easter eggs out of yarn

All you need for this is:

  • small balloons
  • Yarn, wool threads or burlap
  • Water-based glue
  • scissors
  • Brushes
  • needle

Wrap the inflated balloons with the yarn and brush it with the glue

Wait a moment for the glue to dry out

Now all that remains is to pierce the balloons with the needle and pop them


You can decorate and arrange these DIY Easter eggs made of yarn as you like

Alternatively, you can wrap ready-made foam eggs from the craft store with yarn

These are suitable both for your interior Easter decorations and for the Easter shrub in the garden

Make Easter bunnies yourself

Of course, the Easter bunny, or rather the Easter bunny, is no less important for your Easter celebrations. Because with simple materials and a little time you can make a lot of cute rabbits. Our favorite is this cute four-legged friend down here. All you need is colored construction paper, a pen, scissors, paper glue, eye stickers and two small pompoms. In the pictures below you can see exactly how quick and easy it is to make such a cute paper Easter bunny yourself.

DIY DIY Easter bunny out of paper as an Easter decoration

Few materials, great effect!

Prepare the following pieces of paper

Then glue the pieces together as shown below:

You can make your paper bunnies in any color you like

Make Easter lamb

Crafting little lambs or sheep is one of the most popular crafting ideas of all anyway. Especially when doing handicrafts at Easter, many small and large hobbyists make cute sheep, which are then particularly popular as gifts. Similar to DIY Easter eggs and Easter bunnies, simple materials such as paper, cardboard, cardboard, yarn and wool are also suitable here. All you need is a keen interest in handicrafts and a bit of manual dexterity. Our favorite Easter lamb idea is this one below - using cotton swabs. It is incredibly simple, but also very original. So grab some cotton swabs, scissors, pen, cardboard and glue and get started!

Make an original lamb out of cotton swabs

Handicraft instructions in pictures

Cotton balls and paper plates are also great craft materials for your little lambs at Easter

Finished the necessary materials for the Easter lamb cotton wool

Combine wool and felt in an incomparably cute way!

Check out our other DIY ideas for crafts for Easter and make the ones that you think are the most beautiful or the easiest.

Have fun with it and happy Easter from the Freshideen editorial team!

Did you think that simple wooden spoons can become Easter bunnies and chicks?

Or the old socks?

And what about the empty toilet paper rolls?

Decorate with beautiful fabric bows

Another interesting handicraft technique with toilet paper rolls

Well suited for handicrafts with small children at Easter

Paper plates can also quickly and easily become Easter bunnies

Egg cartons - the versatile handicraft material

Flower pots have it all

And this is how delicacies are given away at Easter

Felt and felt paper also go well with Easter bunnies

By the way, small pompoms too

This is a quick and easy way to make lots of small pompoms at once

Ribbons, yarn and paper are popular materials for Easter crafts

Popsticks and cookie cutters are of course also ideal for this

Just like flexible plush and wrapping paper

Paper, cardboard and paint are of course classics!

Making pretty Easter cards

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best

Just let your creativity run wild and have a great party!

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