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Kitchen mirrors that radiate warmth

The modern kitchen mirrors radiate a lot of warmth. The glamorous materials, which are very important for the propagation of the light, dominate. In addition, designers choose bright colors that ensure that the space is filled with warmth.

Even the kitchen mirrors, which are designed in light or pastel shades, correspond to these characteristics.

We want to prove that with the first examples in today's article.

Kitchen mirror in light shades

The bright kitchens always look bright and elegant. They form contrasts to bright accents, which are also typical of modern kitchen design.

Metal mosaic

If your kitchen needs to be "different", then metal mosaic ideas would be just the thing for you. They are modern, eye-catching and have the great advantage of appearing different depending on the light and surrounding furniture.

Kitchen mirror with metallic sheen

Shimmering kitchen splashback

The kitchen back wall can be not just glamorous, but shimmering. This is certainly a good idea if you often get together with friends in the evening and would like to have a bar atmosphere.

Fire in the kitchen

Does your heart burn in the kitchen?

Do you like to cook? Would you like this to be the warmest room in your apartment? What do you think of the idea of adding red tiles to the kitchen mirror? Look for those that have a glamorous effect.

Design your kitchen splashback in fiery colours!

Glass kitchen mirror

Glass kitchen mirrors offer many advantages over those made of other materials. They visually increase the space and are easy to care for. There are glass kitchen mirrors that have been in some kitchens for generations, but their good qualities are even more pronounced than before. That's a good reason they're choosing this for their current kitchen design.

Colorful tiles

Do you prefer the joie de vivre to the super warm radiance? Make up your mind for colorful kitchen mirror design. This could be achieved with tiles decorated in a variety of ways, or floral or geometric patterns in different colors could be used. This is a hot trend this year that will probably stay relevant for a long time.

Orange stimulates the appetite and puts a good mood in the room

Kitchen mirror in black

Maybe we surprised you a bit by adding the black kitchen mirrors to the list. Yes, kitchen mirrors in black can also have a particularly warm appearance. That might have been impossible a few years ago. However, there are so many shades of black these days. Thanks to this fact and the varied textures, black can be very inviting. We would recommend such kitchen mirrors in a bright ambience and there you should balance it out by adding other shades. For example, a kitchen design in black and white is very trendy this year.

Combine muted colors with white

Black and chestnut brown as a color duo

Here's a great example of color innovation, showing familiar phenomena in a whole new light. The combination of black and pastel-colored chestnut brown is one of the most successful variants for kitchen design that there is.


No overview of modern and warm kitchen mirrors comes with the wall design in beige. Play with the decorations and combine with other colors for a very original effect.

Beige with light wood and metal in one

Very classic in black and white

Blue loves yellow

Wall tiles with a river stone look create a rustic atmosphere

If you like classic mosaics

Country house style meets Far Eastern flair

Add some fresh color accents!

Introduce more balance with neutral colors

Go for retro Fridges?

You can't go wrong with a balanced combination of white and light gray

Kitchen mirrors in a patchwork look make the room more dynamic

Precious materials and noble textures for stylish kitchen design

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