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The coronavirus has severely affected and changed our lives. Although the experts may not even guess how long all this will last, we have already had to redesign our everyday lives and adapt to the new requirements. In times of the Corona crisis, most of us work from home. In addition, schools and daycare centers are currently closed and the children are also forced to spend the whole day within their four walls. Since a curfew has been introduced nationwide, we have to be patient and only leave the apartment in urgent cases. All of this has changed life at home. Now, among other things, it is cooked and eaten much more. First and foremost, everyone wants to strengthen their defenses and immune system and go through this difficult time as fit and he althy as possible. That's why he althy and balanced food is the order of the day during the Corona crisis!

Now is not the time for strict diets but for he althy and balanced eating during the Corona crisis.

In this regard, the question about the right daily menu during this period can be formulated as follows: How should you really eat during the Corona period in order to avoid possible infection and to stay he althy until the end of the crisis period? We try to answer this question below. We also want to give you lots of useful tips for eating he althy and balanced food during the Corona crisis.

And something else important: You can eat anything you like, but in the right amount of everything! This is the only way to achieve a balanced diet. This means that if we stay at home all day, we can't be in the kitchen all the time! And be careful: any one-sidedness when eating is harmful and means less enjoyment. And enjoyment and he alth are an important unit at the table. Certainly for you too, right?

Eat Protection Nutrients Daily!

  • He althy and balanced food during the Corona crisis must be varied first and foremost

The new one The quality benchmark for he althy and balanced food is now called nutrient density and is synonymous with a balanced ratio of vitamins, minerals and calories. Nutrition experts recommend eating a varied mixed diet every day. This means that the more diverse the diet, the more secure the supply of all vital nutrients. The nutrition motto formulated in this way must be your guide in times of the Corona crisis. Now we need he althy foods with an optimal vitamin-mineral-calorie ratio. In this regard, intensely green vegetables are the absolute front runners. Broccoli, lamb's lettuce, green beans, kale, spinach and yellow or red peppers should therefore not be missing from your diet. Let's just take the spinach as an example. This is considered the top source of iron among vegetables, which is why it is particularly important during these months. In addition to green vegetables, we also need as much fresh fruit as possible. For example, apples and berries will boost your immune system!

He althy and balanced food in the tedious isolation everyday life!

The salads can be enriched with seeds and grains and eat your fill because they are light and at the same time provide the body with essential fiber, vitamins and minerals. Animal foods are difficult to digest, but in times of the Corona crisis we cannot do without them. You can consume lean meat two to three times a week. The iron rule is to eat less pork and beef and more poultry. This can be combined with rice, potatoes, cabbage, beetroot and other vegetables. S altwater fish is also at the forefront of the weekly menu, such as halibut, herring, redfish, salmon and tuna. All of these types of fish contain important nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, you can consume low-fat sour milk products and various types of cheese every day. Also, whole grains are now a must. Freshly baked bread and a delicious cake are no longer taboo, they make every daily menu even more varied. With this you contribute a lot to he althy eating!

Everything you could call he althy and balanced food in times of the Corona crisis!

Extra tip: As the WHO (World He alth Organization) has already warned, hygiene is an important point in the fight against the corona virus. That's why you need all products, especially the fruits and vegetables, before the Wash consumption or preparation well!

Prefer lean meat!

  • Preparing he althy and balanced meals at home during the Corona pandemic

During the Corona crisis and in everyday isolation, every housewife has the perfect opportunity to show her loved ones what she can do in the kitchen! Don't forget, part of your culinary ability is preparing food properly. Vitamins and minerals are sensitive to storage and preparation. In the process, nutrients such as water-soluble vitamins and minerals can be easily leached out. You should therefore not soak the food, but wash it briefly but carefully before cutting and chopping. Then use little cooking water when cooking, it is he althier. Steaming, for example, is a tasty and nutrient-friendly cooking method for vegetables. But keeping food warm is not recommended because it leads to particularly high vitamin losses. And nobody wants that now, right? We urgently need vitamins C, D, E and beta-carotene in this time of crisis with the corona virus!

He althy and balanced eating is now popular!

Vitamins are an important part of a he althy diet!

Last but not least, we would like to give you an important nutrition tip: Forget possible quick dishes such as spaghetti with tomato sauce. It is better to use well-tried recipes from grandma's times, such as a tasty chicken soup. Nutrition experts say it helps with colds and other flu-like infections. And we can totally trust it. Prepare a fresh smoothie in the morning and in between and drink magnesium-rich mineral water. These are good thirst quenchers and provide the body with many vitamins and minerals.

Supply your body with vitamins and minerals!

Hopefully our nutrition tips for a he althy and balanced meal during the Corona pandemic will be useful for you too. Instead of eating 3 times a day, eat 5 times a day, but in smaller portions. Eat a he althy, varied diet and stay he althy! Together we can fight the virus and survive the crisis!

Make your menu as varied as possible!

Start the morning with a he althy breakfast!

Nuts, grains, honey and co. should not be missing on the dining table!

As always, organic products are very popular!

Eat right… .

And stay safe and sound until the end of the Corona crisis!

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