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Dragon's Blood is a natural healing remedy known in various cultures around the world. It has multiple therapeutic properties. It is hemostatic, antidiarrheal, antimicrobial, antiviral, wound healing, antitumor, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. In addition to these medicinal uses, the dragon's blood is also used as a dye, lacquer and in spiritual art. You can find out this and more about the blood-red natural product below…

This is what a dragon tree looks like

The resin of a dragon tree - the so-called dragon blood

What is Dragon's Blood/Sangre de Drago?

Dragon's Blood is a natural plant resin. In reality, it is a resin obtained from various species of plants such as Croton, Dracaena, Daemonorops, Calamus rotang and Pterocarpus. These are commonly referred to as dragon trees. Its main feature is the dark red color that has given it the name Dragonborn.

Sangre de Drago can be made from the Croton, Pterocarpus, Daemonorops or Dracaena plant groups

The resin of the plant has been used for various purposes for thousands of years. There is evidence of its use by the ancient Greeks and Romans, as well as in India, China and the Middle East.

Dragon blood products from the genus Dracaena and Daemonorops are the most commonly used today. These are mainly used in medicine. But dragon's blood is also used as a dye, varnish, incense, or for spiritual purposes.

Magical powers are attributed to the resin

What is dragon blood used for?

The Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Chinese and South Americans all used Sangre de Drago to treat wounds and abrasions. It was also known as a natural remedy for diarrhea and ulcers in the mouth, throat, intestines and stomach. It has even been used to treat respiratory viruses, stomach viruses and skin diseases such as eczema.

Wound Healers and Antivirals

Sangre de Drago, the Spanish word for "dragon blood", has a long history. Both the resin and the bark can be used. An early record from the 16th century states that the Spanish explorer P. Bernabe Cobo found the sap was used by native tribes throughout Peru and Ecuador. Dragon tree resin and bark are used in traditional medicine in South America. Dragon tree products can be taken internally or used externally. It can be used to stop bleeding, heal wounds and treat intestinal problems. Studies of this plant date back to the late 1970s. Dragon's blood extracts are found in several pharmaceutical products, some of which are patented.Sangre de Drago as powderDragon's Blood can provide some protection against or even kill pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It is most commonly used for its antiviral and wound healing properties. Taspin, a component of dragon's blood, has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties. Animal and laboratory tests have shown that medicinal uses of Sangre de Drago show promise. To date, however, there are no human clinical studies to confirm these effects.

Dragon's Blood is available in powder supplement capsules as well as in alcoholic extracts and tinctures. Dragon's Blood Salves can also be found in the Market. To find the right Drachenblut product for you, consult a doctor or naturopath. And always make sure you source your products from reputable and trustworthy companies.

Dragon's Blood Extracts are very concentrated and quite potent. A few drops are enough!Usage Tips

Apply Dragon's Blood Ointment or Cream to a boil. You can also use a tincture or an extract diluted in water. Dissolve 3 to 5 drops in 30ml of water and use as a wound cleanser.

For digestive he alth, for diarrhea, and as an antidiabetic, take a supplement or tincture extract internally. Read the instructions on the packaging carefully and follow the advice of your doctor or pharmacist.

Use this remedy as directedConclusion

Sangre de Drago has been considered strong for centuries he alth supplement used. Some of its benefits are still being studied today.

Although dragon's blood has some medicinal potential, keep the following in mind. It has not yet been proven to cure or prevent disease. Find out about possible side effects and get advice from a doctor or naturopath.

Nature is an unlimited source of energy and he alth

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