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Blown out eggs are a great idea both for the coming Easter and at any other time of the year. One can do numerous DIY blown egg projects throughout the year. And you can keep blown eggs for years because without the yolk and white, they won't spoil. So learn to blow out eggs. This can be a bit tricky at first, but once you master the technique, you'll be able to blow out eggs easily and simply.

Blow out eggs - step-by-step instructions

Blowing out eggs can be like child's play

The first thing to do, before even attempting to empty an eggshell, is to wash the egg with warm water and then dry it thoroughly. Then use a sharp object, such as a needle, to poke a small hole at the top and a slightly larger hole at the bottom of the egg. The holes must be large enough to effectively blow out the entire contents of the egg. You should also make sure that you break open the yolk with the needle.

White eggs to blow out and decorate

This is how it works…

There really is only one way to blow out eggs. The only difference is what tool you use to pierce the egg. For example, you can choose from the tools enumerated below:

  • skewer
  • Egg picks
  • Hand drill
  • Toothpick
  • pin
  • needle
  • tack

Prick the eggshell with a sharp tool

This is what a perfect hole looks like

Make the hole wider if necessary

You can also use different tools to blow out the inside of the egg, for example a baby nasal aspirator, a rubber ear syringe, a drinking straw. And of course you can also use your mouth to scoop out the contents of the egg blow yourself out. However, this variant is a bit less hygienic and you must have washed the eggs with washing-up liquid beforehand. This is how you protect yourself from salmonella and other infections that the eggs can transmit.

Blow out eggs - this is how it works

Best Equipment

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to blow out eggs. In reality it's not that difficult. Just try it yourself and create a creative Easter decoration with blown eggs.

You can creatively decorate your home with blown out Easter eggs

Step 1: Poke holes on both ends of the egg

Start by sticking a small piece of tape to both ends of the egg. The tape keeps the eggshell from cracking when you poke a hole in it.

For example, take a needle and poke a hole through the tape in the top (thinner) end of the egg. Move the needle around a bit to make the hole slightly wider than the needle and to make it easier to break the yolk inside the egg.

Over a bowl, turn the egg over and poke a second hole at the other end of the egg. Make the hole at the bottom (thicker) end of the egg slightly larger than the hole at the top. The inside of the egg will later come out through this hole.

Be creative

Use the tool that suits you best

Now you can start the experiment. Maybe it won't work the first time. Just keep trying!

Step 2: Shake the egg to mix the yolk and white.

Put your fingers over both holes so nothing comes out, then shake the egg. You want to break open the yolk and any membranes that hold the egg together so that the inside of the egg is liquid enough to come out through the hole you made.

Are you ready?

Step 3: Blow the egg out of the shell!

Once you can hear the egg sloshing around in the bowl, hold the egg over the bowl and blow in through the hole at the top. You can do one Use a baby teat, a rubber ear syringe, a drinking straw, etc.

You can also blow out with a drinking straw

The result

You need to get a good seal around the egg so that all of your air goes into the egg. It can be quite difficult to blow out the inside of the egg, like blowing up a really really hard balloon. If that's too hard, try covering the holes and shaking the egg again. Or you can make the bottom hole a little bigger.

Keep inflating until the eggshell is completely empty

This is how it works

Or with a rubber ear syringe

And that's it! Wash and dry, then decorate!

Rinse each egg in warm, soapy water, being careful to clean the egg both inside and out. You can run water from the faucet through the eggshell to rinse the egg out from the inside and set the egg aside to dry.

Once the blown eggs are dry, you can decorate them as you like, and they can last for years!

We hope you have fun blowing out eggs!

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