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Although Easter stands for new beginnings and everything outside is blooming in magnificent colors, it doesn't mean that your Easter decorations have to be motley and kitschy. You can give your home a subtle Easter touch with the right Easter accessories and the necessary attention to detail. And without any frills. Of course, that doesn't mean you should miss out on the magical sprigs of sunny frosythia or the delightful aroma of fragrant bulb flowers. Today we show you 80 puristic Easter decoration ideas that are stylish and very easy to imitate. Take a look at them and let them inspire you.

Pretty Easter decoration ideas can also be very simple and natural

Minimalist table decoration for Easter

Even when decorating for Easter, it is often said: less is more! Because with just a few decorative elements, you can not only concentrate on the essentials, but such an ensemble also has a very calming effect. Soft colors and simple design or a few fresh sprigs with a few magnolia flowers and some quail eggs can work wonders.

These go well with simple porcelain egg cups, which you can design as cute bunnies if you like.

Thanks to their decorative texture, quail eggs are one of the most popular Easter decorations

Growing cress in halved egg shells is not only original, but also very tasty. The fresh herb can be eaten directly as a table decoration for Easter brunch. For this purpose you can do the following: in a small bowl or egg cup in celadon green, combine it with the matching serviettes and tablecloth, then the whole thing looks very classy. You can also decorate the cutlery with a fabric bow and a tulip to create an even more Easter atmosphere.

You'd better leave the eggshells undyed

Wheatgrass in small flower pots or mini boxwood wreaths provide fresh greenery on the festive table. White porcelain, filigree twigs and cloth napkin in white or in a contrasting color bring balance. The final whistle, however, is definitely the delicious Easter bunny cookie.

Quail eggs are doing pretty well here too

In addition to quail eggs, quail feathers are simply indispensable for puristic Easter decoration ideas. With their unmistakable, dotted look, they give every decoration a slightly playful touch without unnecessarily burdening the arrangement. Pussy willows are very popular at Easter anyway and can be seen everywhere. These are simply made for a subtle table decoration and are not only suitable as an Easter bouquet in the vase, but also as an Easter basket or for decorating Easter eggs.

An Easter breakfast for real purists

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most brilliant. For example, a minimalist Easter bunny can be created in no time with just an undyed egg and a cloth serviette. You can tie the serviette around the egg with jute or string to create the characteristic long ears. Placed directly on the plate, an Easter bunny provides the desired WOW effect.

Napkins made of undyed linen are highly recommended in this case

But paper serviettes are also quite suitable for this decoration idea

The following Easter decoration ideas, which can be implemented with paper, straw, birch wood and the right fabrics as well as crockery and cutlery, are just as simple and super elegant. Depending on your taste, you can design the whole thing in a more rustic, modern or vintage style.

Minimalist paper Easter bunnies adorn white linen napkins on the Easter table

Thin birch trunks decorated with moss and fresh greens

Rural table decoration for Easter, slightly vintage

Conjuring small nests for Easter eggs out of straw

Decorating Easter eggs puristically

If you don't want to make the Easter eggs colorful again this year, then you can check out the minimalist Easter decoration ideas below. Here the eggs are either not colored at all or only subtly colored in white or black. This includes some graphic patterns that can be stamped or drawn by hand.

Half colored Easter eggs even more modern and unconventional

The decoupage technique is also very welcome here. You can use these with old newspapers instead of colorful serviettes. Music paper also looks very original in this way. Decorated like this, the Easter eggs are a creative eye-catcher in any bowl or vase on the table or chest of drawers.

Lace ribbon in pastel and quail feathers go perfectly with it

A few gold accents do not harm the puristic Easter decoration, quite the opposite

But if you still don't want shine and shimmery accents, try white eggs dotted in black or gray. In addition, the quail feathers themselves are suitable as a great puristic decoration for the Easter eggs. All you should do is glue the feathers to the eggshell with clear glue and let it dry. Arranged in a white bowl and decorated with more quail feathers, they look fabulous.

You hardly need to add anything else as decoration

Adding pussy willow is of course always possible

Puristic Easter decoration ideas to make yourself

When doing handicrafts here, plaster and white clay are often used. Simple bowls and vases can be easily made from this. These then serve as original containers for the Easter eggs or as cachepots for the wonderful violets and daffodils, for example. Plaster eggs of different sizes are also a popular creative idea that has been used a lot lately. Easter eggs or other typical figures such as rabbits, lambs and chicks can also be designed very minimalistically in white with papier-mâché.

Introduce fresh, fragrant accents into the Easter decorations

Dyed quail eggs in pastel provide that extra Easter touch

White feathers serve as ears for the stylized Easter bunnies

Crafting mini vases and planters out of egg shells is now commonplace with every Easter decoration. Nevertheless, this idea continues to captivate with originality and always looks stunning. Decorated with fresh flowers, the egg vases can be hung as window decorations or put the finishing touches on the Easter wreath.

Tulips, daisies, cherry twigs… everything just looks great

A real eye-catcher on the festive Easter table

The egg vases look no less beautiful individually

Egg shells also cut a fine figure as DIY lanterns

Take a look at the rest of the Easter decoration ideas from our picture gallery and create your own puristic ambience for Easter. Enjoy the new beginning of spring and celebrate beautifully!

Happy Easter!

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