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Who doesn't ask themselves: How do I strengthen my immune system?

Every day our he alth is threatened by viruses, toxins, bacteria and allergens. On average, we are surrounded by trillions of bacteria and 4s every day, and despite that fact, our ingenious bodies are trained to protect and repair themselves. Every he althy organism has a number of properties that can stop harmful invaders. Despite excellent he alth, everyone knows times of weakness when one is more susceptible to diseases. Because the immune system is our protection against diseases, many people are sure to ask: How do I strengthen my immune system and is it possible to remain he althy? In addition to positive thinking and lots of exercise, nutrition also plays an important role in rebuilding the immune system. Today we list the top 10 superfoods for you that strengthen the immune system.

How do I strengthen my immune system through conscious nutrition?

A varied diet will strengthen your immune system

Choose food seasonally and regionally

You can also orientate yourself by color and desire.

Food high in vitamins will keep you he althy and alert

Goji berries

Goji berries contain certain compounds that we know as polysaccharides. The chemical structure of the polysaccharides is reminiscent of the structure of the maitake mushroom, which in turn is well known for its immune-boosting effects. The berries are also rich in zinc and vitamin C.


One portion of broccoli covers 10% of the daily requirement of vitamin C and vitamin E. Both vitamins strengthen our body's immunity.

The broccoli is delicious and easy to prepare


The important vitamins C and E, which make the organism he althy, are also contained in spinach. the Plant-chemical compounds in spinach not only protect against diseases, but can also alleviate an existing infection.

Get in the habit of eating spinach regularly


Mushrooms are seen in many cultures as a natural booster of the immune system. They stimulate the production of white blood cells and thus they can fight inflammation.

Mushrooms support the production of white blood cells

Red Peppers

Anyone who eats red peppers provides their body with the important vitamins C and E. In addition, the red peppers strengthen and improve the qualities of the immune system.

By eating paprika, the body gets the important vitamins C and E


The probiotics in the natural yoghurt protect your organism in a completely natural way.

Spoon probiotics daily


Lycopene and carotene are substances that are important for our he alth because they fight free radicals.

Fight free radicals with tomatoes


The pumpkins are full of carotenoids, which are responsible for the full functioning of the immune system.

Eat pumpkins all fall long and you'll feel hale and hearty

Green Tea

The ingredients in green tea ensure good he alth and have the potential to build a robust immune system.

Green tea forms a strong and solid immune system

Oaty fish

The oily fish meat, which includes salmon, sardines and squid, is known to have anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, oily fish contain all the vitamins and minerals our bodies need to maintain good he alth.

Inhibiting inflammation with oily fish

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