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Among the Easter craft ideas, these have a particularly important place for setting the table. By folding napkins you create a great decoration for the party. You can also do handicrafts with the children. Great napkins are even interesting gift ideas for guests of a festive event. Different fabrics come into question here and that is why such table decorations could look extremely noble. The most popular variant is this, in which you fold the napkins in such a way that a rabbit's head is formed. First, we will show you a guide that uses an image to show you how to achieve this result. From the following article you will learn many simple, but no less charming alternatives with napkins.

You could make a bunny like this!

Very interesting napkin rings

If you're not in the mood for complicated folding techniques right now, consider using napkin rings. With these, you can achieve fabulous results through a very simple method. All kinds of spring themes are popular. You can use napkin rings with beautiful floral motifs.

This is a simple way to fold napkins and celebrate the wonderful party with family and friends.

Everything is very easy with a beautiful napkin ring!

Very simple decoration on the napkins

You could use the simple folding technique for the napkins. In the image below, they did just that. However, a few delicate flowers and some pictures for Easter were attached to it with a small wire. That alone is enough to set the mood during a festive lunch or dinner. In this case, we would recommend combining the napkins with some other decorative elements. Exactly this procedure was selected in the following example.

In this case, the simple serviettes have been combined with other decorations!

It depends on the type of napkins!

Whatever whichever way you fold the napkins, you could achieve particularly elegant or just plain perfect results. It all depends on whether you have chosen cloth or paper napkins. In addition, there are of course different materials. Some of these look much more upscale than others. There are vintage and modern style ones. It really depends very much on what kind of fabric you are going to choose for your napkins.

You can decorate the table at Easter with napkins made of fine fabric!

Napkins as a basis for different decorations

We usually associate the serviettes with the table design. For this reason, many of our examples also show folding techniques, which would be ideal for a nice party. However, the napkins could serve as a good base for many other types of Easter decorations. You could use it to wrap eggs, giving them a particularly original, celebratory character. You could also position elaborate decorations with flowers, carrots, rabbits and other typical Easter figures on simply folded serviettes.

The golden color makes the Easter decorations shine!

The advantage of multifunctionality

If you're looking for an easy way to decorate for Easter, consider folding napkins. They could take many different forms and are multifunctional, so to speak. As already shown, they can become eye-catchers thanks to a particularly interesting shape. You could also decorate the table wonderfully with a napkin ring. After all, it would be possible to simply refine the ambience with beautiful serviettes.

Our examples show exactly how all this works. They are exciting and speak for themselves!

Napkin rings with carrots are an ideal Easter decoration!

Another beautiful table design with the "bunny technique"!

The lace napkin adds romance to this decoration

The napkin or napkin ring should correspond with the rest of the decoration

This is how you could fold napkins with your children!

Bunny napkins made of different fabrics

Such a napkin is the ideal base for decorating with Easter eggs

Easter decoration with napkins can only be made in two colors

You could wrap small Easter gifts with napkins!

Such an original way to decorate with napkins!

Cloth napkin with knitted napkin ring - just great!

Easy napkin folding technique for vintage table setting

A particularly professional example!

You could fold the napkins and decorate them with flowers!

You can choose from different colors and fabrics!

The green color is particularly appropriate

You can also fold napkins in a simple and effective way!

Choose either complicated folding technique or for elaborate patterns!

Another idea that shows great taste!

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