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I'm sure you all know the saying: "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of them." In our case, we can even use the lemons as an environmentally friendly cleaning agent. Yes, we have to stay home and protect ourselves for a while right now, but that doesn't mean we have to just sit around and do nothing. But on the contrary. Right now we should stay physically and mentally active as much as possible. This can also be achieved with a thorough spring cleaning. The good thing about it is that you can combine your own fitness with it. No joke! If your favorite gym is closed anyway, you can become a fitness coach yourself and at the same time ensure a spring-like clean home and a good figure. We will explain how to do this in the following lines.

Make Spring Cleaning a He althy Fitness Program

Sustainable spring cleaning gets you really fit!

First of all: if you use environmentally friendly or homemade cleaning agents when cleaning, you not only protect nature, you also take care of your own he alth at the same time. A great side effect: You also burn more calories than with lemon, baking soda, vinegar and co.

you have to scrub and wipe a lot harder and a little longer. In this way, you train your arm and abdominal muscles and, incidentally, scrubbing the bathroom tiles for 15 minutes saves around 75 calories. Always make sure that you change hands when cleaning, so that the body is not burdened on one side. In this way you avoid incorrect posture and thus also annoying sore muscles. Incidentally, lemon and vinegar are perfect cleaning agents for unsightly limescale stains. Nevertheless, first test the surface to be cleaned on an inconspicuous area before carrying out the full cleaning.

Use natural cleaning products for home hygiene as much as possible

For scrubbing bathroom tiles, baking soda is the perfect choice

Wipe Dust

What sounds so easy can become a real fitness challenge. Especially if you now want to thoroughly remove dust from all the pieces of furniture at home. Bending, stretching, climbing up and down the ladder if there are tall bookshelves, for example. You don't notice how quickly the calories are consumed. You can work barefoot or with comfortable non-slip socks to achieve an even he althier effect for your feet. When cleaning and cleaning, do not forget to ventilate the premises regularly to ensure clean, oxygen-rich air. This is no less important in your home fitness program than the movement itself.

Gently try to stretch and stretch while dusting

Vacuum and mop

Not many like vacuum cleaning. However, it is one of the most intensive household chores in terms of calorie consumption. So, get your vacuum cleaner and let's go! You can burn over 200 calories in just about 30 minutes plus an additional 15 minutes mopping the floor. However, it is important to protect your back. This works best if you avoid a hump and bend your knees and always keep your back straight. You can also do a few power poses at the same time and alternately stretch your legs backwards and forwards. The popular squats are also highly recommended here as well as when doing laundry.

When cleaning, always think about your back

Have a good time wiping the floor!

Clean windows

If you clean the windows a little more vigorously for about 1 hour, you can burn up to 320 calories. For comparison, climbing a mountain for 15 minutes burns about 110 calories. So, clean windows are definitely worth it for your beautiful figure. Again, stretching and stretching exercises can be performed quite well, as well as careful squats and squat positions. During your spring cleaning, this activity is a little more intensive than usual during the year. Nevertheless, you can try to clean the windows every two months if possible, or why not every month. This can vary depending on your needs, free time and air pollution at your place of residence.

Also use environmentally friendly cleaning agents

Get yours done Spring cleaning with joy and at the same time ensure a complete fitness program in your own home. We wish you lots of fun, spring-like cleanliness and he althy calorie consumption!

Doing the spring cleaning for two is of course even more fun

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