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Even before spring arrives, you can see the colorful blossoms of hyacinths in gardens and flower shops. In addition to daffodils, violets and tulips, the beautiful hyacinths are seen as heralds of the warmer season. They not only score with their soft flower colors, but also captivate us with their irresistible scent, which heralds spring. These beautiful bulb flowers pamper the senses and let us say goodbye to winter. They give us their natural freshness and wonderful fragrance and indicate that spring is already here! Do you also want to enjoy great colors and a fresh scent in your home? If your answer is yes, then read on. Because in the following you will learn interesting facts about hyacinths and get practical tips for their care. We focus on the possibilities of growing beautiful hyacinths indoors. We'll tell you how that works in a moment.

Colorful hyacinths in the interior are a balm for the senses.

Her fragrance is intoxicating and cannot be compared to any other.

  • Facts about hyacinths

In the last few weeks of winter we all love to enjoy the blooms of hyacinths, but few of us know where these beautiful flowers actually come from. According to scientific reports, they come from the Mediterranean and the Orient, where they still adorn numerous gardens and parks today. In principle, these are perennial garden plants that can also be cultivated indoors. The hyacinths have fleshy bulbs that sprout early in spring. Depending on the weather conditions, this happens here in Germany between March and April.

You can admire this spectacle of color outside in the garden where the hyacinths grow in pots or flower beds.

… . Or enjoy this splendor of flowers in the house.

The leaves come out first, which are narrow, elongated and somewhat inconspicuous. Then grow the flower stalks high and these can reach about 20 to 40 cm. Small, star-shaped individual flowers then develop, offering us a true spectacle of colour. These are colored in subtle white, elegant blue, strong violet and other lovely pastel tones. These delicate, colorful flowers also give off a strong spring scent that makes us dream of nice weather and long journeys.

Potted hyacinths bring spring into your home.

But they also cut a fine figure in a white porcelain soup bowl.

  • Care for hyacinths in pots at home? Then follow these tips

Many hobby gardeners want to bring a fresh touch into the house before spring begins and decide to cultivate beautiful hyacinths indoors in pots. However, if you are also part of the group, you should observe the following care tips:

Location for potted hyacinths: In order to choose the right location for the beautiful flowers, you should assume that they actually prefer cooler temperatures. That's why the hyacinths in the pot don't need a lot of heat, but they do need enough light. For this reason, a location in full sun comes into question, for example on the windowsill. The pot must be filled with loosened potting soil. In addition, hyacinths grow well indoors in a wooden box, in a large soup or salad bowl that you no longer use in the kitchen, even in disused teacups. The flowers don't need much space for their roots to delight us with their magnificent blossoms.

They grow wonderfully indoors in a wooden or metal box.

Also in an old, disused soup bowl.

Watering and hibernation: Potted hyacinths are watered like all other spring flowers: little water, but regular watering. Don't let the soil dry out, but avoid any waterlogging, which could actually cause the roots to rot.

You can easily achieve this rustic look with an old but well-preserved window box full of hyacinths.

These spring flowers also thrive in unusable tea or coffee cups, especially on the Windowsill.

The dormant phase of these bulbous flowers begins in May, after which the watering must be stopped completely. You also have to cut off the old flower stalks. You can leave the leaves for a while. But if they turn yellow, you have to remove them as well. Potted hyacinths can overwinter in a dark and cool place, whether in the basement or in the apartment. Make sure that the room temperature does not fall below 15 degrees C in winter. During their dormant phase, the bulb flowers form new roots and shoot tips. They will sprout quickly the following spring and once again display their magnificent blooms.

Nice decoration idea in a rustic style

Also modern planted in the glass.

Extra Tip: You must be forewarned, all parts of the hyacinth plant are mildly poisonous. Allergic reactions can occur if the onion juice comes into contact with the skin!

Be careful! These beauties are slightly poisonous!

Hyacinths in a jar are a wonderful spring decoration.

  • Floating hyacinths in a jar? Is this possible?

Yes, it is entirely possible to grow these beautiful bulbs in a glass jar. Incidentally, this is a special cultivation method that has been known since the 18th century. For this you need a suitable, bulbous shaped glass and a thick hyacinth bulb, which has stored many nutrients. Fill the jar with water and place the onion in it. Then it has to stand in a cool and dark place, for example in the basement, for about 10 to 12 weeks. When the flower bud comes out, you have to bring the jar to the light and put it in a warmer place, maybe in the living room or home office. So you can watch the growth of the flower every day, renew or refill the water. Only after the hyacinth has withered can you plant the bulb outside in the garden. You can expect new blooms next spring. Great idea, right?

Growing these bulbous flowers in a jar is not complicated at all.

You can make a great Easter decoration with this.

Finally, we want to point out that the Hyacinths are an integral part of Easter decorations. Together with other early bloomers and Easter eggs, they always represent a particularly attractive arrangement that enchants young and old. In this regard, you can now scroll down and see more decorating ideas with these onion flowers in the interior. The Freshideen editorial team wishes you a wonderful spring and a happy Easter!

The flower is also ideal as a gift idea for the beginning of spring!

Now it smells like spring at home!

A beautiful arrangement as an eye-catcher in the interior.

Old cans can be repurposed into flower pots.

If you like the rustic style… .

… or want to treat yourself to more coziness in the evening?

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