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Scented flowers, bright colors, singing birds, lots of sunshine and blue skies - yes, spring is almost here! Nature outside takes off its colorful robe and pleases the eyes and soul. Isn't it high time that we made our rooms fit for spring? With the right spring decorations at home, you not only welcome the new season, you also bring an extra dose of natural freshness into your interior. There are countless sources of inspiration for this that are all around us. Just go out and watch the beauty in your garden or nearby park. There you will notice that the unmistakable charm of nature is right in front of your eyes. We want to give you more great decorating ideas today. In this article, we focus on how you can decorate your kitchen for spring and make it shine. Stay tuned because it's bound to be interesting!

Each glimpse of this gorgeous basket full of tulips and daffodils can brighten your mood at the dining table.

  • Matching colors and patterns to decorate the kitchen for spring

What could you add to your kitchen design and decor to make the whole room look spring like? We have the answer to that question! And it says: Your kitchen doesn't need much to get ready for spring!

Just add a few touches of bright colors and you'll instantly create a happy mood! Opt for light-colored furniture, pastel-colored accessories or crockery in the most typical spring colors. Colorful textiles are a cool and inexpensive idea, for example bright curtains, tablecloths, table runners or napkins in interesting patterns. They don't cost a lot of money, but you can use them to add a real spring flair to the kitchen interior.

These delicate light pink tulips are an accent on the festive table setting.

The typical and most used spring colors easily include pink, yellow, green, blue, purple and lilac. Sunny yellow and green are the most popular Shades that precisely symbolize the new season. If you choose these two colors to brighten up your home for spring, you can't go wrong. They give your kitchen a fresh and cheerful look. You can also use pastel colors for a beautiful spring decoration in the kitchen. These, however, introduce a sweet vintage touch to the room. If you want to achieve just that, then also put light pink and pastel blue. Unusual flower patterns in exactly these colors are particularly popular in kitchen design. Dot patterns are also in demand as they give the kitchen a nice vintage touch. While stripes add a more modern flair.

Bring out the old cake stand from grandma's days and spice it up with beautiful vintage tableware, flowers and greenery.

Now you have a great eye-catcher in the kitchen that will always put you in a good mood.

  • Beautiful flowers and greenery are essential if you want to decorate the kitchen for spring

Spring flowers in planters or vases are the best and easiest accent you could ever dream up. In order to decorate the kitchen for spring, you could be spoiled for choice when it comes to flowers. Especially the bulb flowers - they are in high season now! Just choose the ones you like the most. For example, pink or white tulips, yellow daffodils, pink, purple or lilac hyacinths can be arranged in matching pots or vases in various places in the kitchen. These score with their natural beauty, with delicate flower shapes and a subtle scent. Without a doubt, they immediately turn into an eye-catcher in the kitchen. You can also have a happy highlight with spring decorations with pussy willows. The fluffy catkins can be perfectly combined with the spring bloomers.

A few little willow branches with fluffy cats look adorable in this vintage white china jug.

The popular classic! White and blue are in the perfect combination with each other!

Stylish dining table decoration idea that heralds spring.

Add lots of greenery to any flower arrangement and spread that spring feeling in your four walls in a simple and elegant way. By the way, the green can be real or artificial, but in both cases it brings the desired freshness into the room. You know the artificial greenery is great for permanent decoration. Whatever green you choose, it can perfectly complement any floral arrangement, adding color and texture. In addition, green can be paired very well with fresh fruit and vegetables. For example, it looks great next to yellow lemons!

A great foretaste of the coming Easter!

Yellow lemons are a popular choice when decorating the kitchen for spring.

  • Where exactly should the spring decoration be in the kitchen?

Last but not least, we also want to share some tips on where to place spring decorations in the kitchen. For example, so that you have a real eye-catcher in the room and admire it for a long time, then arrange colorful flowers with some greenery in a vase or other container of your choice. You can then place this flower arrangement on the dining table, on the worktop or on a shelf in the kitchen cabinet. But the flowers stand and feel best on the windowsill. Vases, glasses with flowers, bowls with fruit and other beautiful crockery can spice up your old kitchen cabinet and give it new life. These eye-catchers go a long way in making your kitchen feel and be decorated for spring.

We absolutely love the idea!

Any kitchen shelf can be made to shine!

A pot rack makes spring decor in the kitchen the center of attention.

Placing small kitchen utensils and flowers on old cake stands is an excellent idea. These cut a fine figure everywhere. If you have a pot rack in the kitchen and your pots and pans hang from the ceiling and are always within reach, then you've got the fancy spot. You can decorate this in the kitchen for spring and make it a special eye-catcher.

Now scroll down and let yourself be inspired for beautiful spring decorations in the kitchen! The new season is not far away!

And welcome spring into your home!

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