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Make up tips - what are the tendencies?

The warmer it gets, the stronger our desire to get out and show ourselves in the most beautiful light in front of the others. That's why spring and summer are the seasons when everyone starts to be more interested in the new trends in makeup and fashion. Are you also interested in the news in this area? We have summarized a few things on this topic for you here.

Make up tips - attract everyone's attention with blatant eye shadows

Make up tips - achieve a beautiful spring look with fresh shades

Eye liner according to the latest beauty trends

The creative use of the eye liner is typical of the current trends. This is applied in varying degrees of thickness or thickness. Also, the line varies depending on the type and effect you want to achieve.

Achieving expressive eyes

Emphasize the eyes only slightly

This is very useful sometimes. You can draw a thinner line for work and then thicken it in some areas for the evening to make it look more official.

With the eye liner, you can create very different looks

Make-up tips with a romantic touch

Dramatic Look

Light Smokey Eyes

Light Smokey Eyes is a current trend this season. It's clear to all fashion-forward ladies - it's the classic smoky effect, but in a lighter, smoother twist.

Eye make-up in shades of gray

Make-up tips for eyes for the coming spring

Thin Blue Line

The thin blue line is a trend that we carry over from last year into this one. However, the lines are much more subtle now. Also, you're experimenting with it. Many stylists recommend that they be applied to the inside.

Apply a thin blue line to the inside for a fresh look

Eye make-up in shades of blue

Light smokey eyes with light nuances

Light Smokey Eyes with light nuances would be the right choice this year for women who want to visually enlarge their eyes. Use gray and white for this. You can replace black with anthracite grey. Instead of white, neutral nuances and above all beige are also suitable.

Subtle make-up on the eyes

Combining black and brown in eye make-up

Bright nuances are back in fashion

The bold and bold shades for the eyeshadows are always up to date. But this year you have a lot of freedom if you want to experiment with it. The reason for this is that in general, colored prints and nuances prevail in fashion.

Combine blatant pink with blatant green

Cool eye make-up for spring and summer

Eye make-up ideas for light eyes

Show self-confidence with strong make-up

The bottom line is that the make up tips for 2022 are quite easy to imitate at home. The eyeliner comes to the fore. It can be combined with neutral tones. If you wear brightly colored dresses with modern prints, you can also use bright colors for the eye shadow.

Also keep an eye on the Light Smokey Eyes trend. You can do this with more neutral and brighter nuances.

Fresh and trendy eye make-up for spring

Apply light blue to the eyes

Blue eyeshadows are an accent in makeup

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