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Does your night sleep get disturbed by street lights or glowing billboards? Do you have curtains on the bedroom window but are you woken up early in the morning by the rising sun? You would like to sleep in, especially at the weekend! Or have you set up a new home cinema and would like to darken the living room? In this regard, most people rely on thick curtains to make the bedroom or other rooms a little darker. However, there are other great and fairly simple window blocking solutions that will improve your comfort in any room. We're summarizing four blackout options to give you good ideas to choose from!

Darken windows with blinds

High-quality blinds are ideal for darkening windows. Their advantage is that they are attached directly to the window. The horizontal blinds are mounted on the window with a classic top profile and operated using a chain pull. The slats can be turned into almost any position with the wide surface, from top to bottom. This is again an important plus point. This allows you to protect the room from the direct rays of the sun and still let in maximum light. The large selection of colors gives you the opportunity to match the color of the blinds perfectly to the window or to set an accent in the room.

Plastic roller blinds

The roller blinds work in a similar way to the blinds. They are also operated by chain hoist and are perfect for plastic windows. It can be mounted on the window sash, on the wall or on the ceiling. The difference here is that the blinds do not have slits (slats) through which a lot of light can enter the room. You can choose the side of operation and the type of cloth swaddles according to your individual needs and personal preferences. The choice of material and color for the roller blinds is quite large and some people can find it really difficult to choose.

Slat curtains for large windows

Slat curtains are window curtains made up of many vertical slats. The slats are hung in an aluminum rail attached to the ceiling. You are either after one Side, both sides or center gathers. A connecting chain at the bottom ensures that the slats return quickly in a gust of wind. The operation is carried out manually using a cord and ball chains. Here you have the option of flooding the room with light or not, as with the horizontal blinds. A large selection of colours, patterns and materials is also available here. You can e.g. B. combine different slat colors.

External blinds to darken the window

The external blinds not only serve as modern sun protection, but also a kind of noise protection and ensure optimal heat regulation. The external blinds can be operated either with a crank, a shaft motor or a motor with a remote control. The aluminum slats are braced with tension cable guides and the incidence of light can be regulated as desired. They are optimal both for your home and for the office.

These are our concise alternatives to darken the window. Think in advance which solution would be optimal for you and will best fit into your interior. Take the exact measurements and go to the specialist shop or online shop!

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