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These medicinal herbs are called natural antibiotics

A virus is a slightly different organism compared to a bacterium. There are even people who hate viruses because no antibiotic has any effect on them. But there are plants with an antiviral effect and many of them grow wild in nature. Now we introduce some of these medicinal herbs and plants, which often show more than one benefit in terms of our he alth.

Tested medicinal herbs against viruses

The best remedy for cold and flu is ginger root

Effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi

Lemon Balm

The antiviral effect of lemon balm has been extensively documented and tested in Germany. Ointments containing lemon balm are prescribed for herpes and skin rashes. The lemon balm is very easy to care for and can grow in any garden. Danger! If the lemon balm is not separated by a flower bed or in a tub, it can spread far too quickly.

Lemon balm is also effective against viruses

Bear Scots

This not very well-known plant has the property of strengthening our immune system. Both the root and all parts of the plant are described as antiviral. In Chinese medicine, the medicinal plant is known and frequently used under the name Huang Qi. The root is just as sweet as licorice and along with the whole plant is used as a prevention or treatment for cold and flu.

The Chinese appreciate this plant

The other name of this medicinal plant is Huan Qi

All parts of the plant are used in Chinese and alternative medicine


When discussing antiviral medicinal plants, it is important to mention the miracle of garlic. This This plant, which takes some getting used to, has antiviral, antibacterial and also antifungal qualities. It is recommended to use the raw plant rather than comparable powders or sprays. You can produce an effective effect by consuming the garlic with chicken broth. Caution! Consuming raw garlic in large amounts can cause nausea.

Garlic in chicken broth is a good remedy for flu


A long time ago, this versatile tuber was used for gastrointestinal complaints and nausea. The tea from the tuber gets the circulation and metabolism going again, slightly increases the temperature and fights all viruses.

If you feel the symptoms of cold and flu, drink an aromatic ginger tea flavored with honey and lemon.

As soon as you feel the symptoms of a cold- drink ginger with honey

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