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Sleeping comfort, perfect relaxation, cozy home, high quality of life - all of this can relate to modern beds. They impress with their perfect look and feel and can be the highlight in one of the rooms or even in the apartment in general. The design is simple, adapting to the individual needs of residents. This is how you would describe the quality of modern beds. Don't settle for anything less if you're looking to buy one right now! Added to this is the large variety of modern bed models! So how to choose a modern bed easily, quickly and successfully? Here are our tips!

Modern beds are always a focal point in the bedroom

Modern beds - the different variants

The typical types of modern beds have not really changed in recent years. Here are the main ones!

A classic bed

The most well-known is the classic variant: you can distinguish them above all by the frame and the feet - just like beds have been known for generations.

But even this simple variant can look very up-to-date thanks to modern materials and technologies. Above all, you can invest in a high-quality slatted frame that successfully adapts to different sleeping positions. The frames and the height of the feet are also convertible. Optionally you can add a foot or headboard. Such modern beds are still made of wood and metal combined.

This bed is part of a multifunctional design

Modern box spring beds

Modern box spring beds are usually quite high. They also give a feeling of stability because they have a sturdy frame instead of frames. The combination of three different mattresses, which are placed on top of each other, ensures perfect comfort. The difference in quality and price ranges here is substantial. They mainly relate to the quality of the mattresses and the availability of different sleeping positions.

The perfect modern bed for a bedroom in industrial style

Flexible solutions

Small apartments are the choice of millions of people today and they symbolize the lifestyle of many. They, in turn, bring with them the need for flexible furniture solutions. This also applies to the beds. If you like to have visitors in a small apartment, then you need extra space to sleep. However, you do not want to have an additional bed permanently, which constantly narrows the running surface.

That's why modern beds can be very flexible. They offer a solution for guests that is so comfortable, thanks to modern materials, that it rivals the usual models. They also ensure excellent sleeping comfort. Such a good one that you could sometimes get jealous of the guests!

Modern beds often feature monochrome colors

Adaptability to individual style and sense of comfort

Until a few years ago, box spring beds were considered much more comfortable than classic beds. But now that's relatively true, because it depends on the design and quality of the materials. For some people box spring beds are more stable, but for others there is not much of a difference, especially if the slatted frame is really high quality. In terms of style, all models can be designed so differently visually that they can be integrated into practically all types of interior designs. Simple models could be ideal for a minimalist or Scandinavian design. With the right colors, finishes and decorations, however, they could also complement a different style of living.

The wall design corresponds to the bed design

The right way to choose

When choosing a modern bed, we would put he alth and comfort first. You need to be able to really relax and unwind on your bed. As already explained, it depends on the frame, the height and the quality of the slatted frame under the mattress. The good style would create a harmonious ambience in the bedroom and throughout the interior. That would of course also contribute to well-being and relaxation.

We wish you many restful nights!

This bed makes an ideal part of the ornate bedroom decor

This oval bed harmonises and structures the room at the same time

There are many classic beds that look particularly modern

Here the bed is neutral so that the room decor shows off well

Another example of how a bed adds structure to a room

Here the bed makes up one of several neutral layers in the interior design

A Modern Luxury Leather Bed

There are modern beds for every style of living

There is a wide range of colors for modern beds

He alth is a top priority in modern bedroom decor

A bed in white - the ideal solution for this rather narrow space

Fresh interior accents are typical of modern bedroom interiors

Modern beds radiate quality

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