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Innovative technologies, sustainability, colorful and sensual - this can serve as inspiration for you at the beginning of 2022. The importance of luxury and exclusivity is becoming less and less important. It is more important that the interior design reflects who you really are and what your attitude towards life is. According to experts, we can continue to expect very surprising combinations of concepts that seem too different at first glance. These tendencies make staying at home an experience and are difficult to put into words. But we still try to write something more about it!

2022 there is a large variety of colors!

How we connect with nature

Nature and the pursuit of it have dominated home inspiration for a number of seasons. But every year this basic trend shows a different revelation. Sometimes the natural colors dominate and the green plants prevail in the decoration. In other cases, there are many vegetal patterns in the decoration.

2022, sustainability is a top priority. In accordance with the general situation in the world, one simply wants to save nature and oneself through concrete decisions for everyday life. Everything that is sustainable, i.e. ergonomic, energy-saving, reusable, ecologically produced and can be recycled, is trendy and modern.

Natural design dominates both in the decoration and in the design of the furniture

Many different colors

The living inspiration 2022 includes many different colors. You can sift through the trends from the last few years and pick something great. The important rule is that earthy tones can be perfectly combined with natural materials. The earthy nuances, ochre, terracotta and all available variants of nude are therefore particularly popular.

Clever ideas and adventurous ideas will dominate in interior design in 2022

More comfort in the interior

In the case of the 2022 living inspiration, it is noticeable that the interior is very withdrawn. Based on the fact that in recent years, very likes to furnish the outdoor area generously and comfortably, that is somehow quite surprising. Maybe you have the feeling that you have neglected the interior? By making your home more comfortable, you might want to make up for it!

Monochrome design with a transition from light to dark nuances. This is fabulous!

Simplicity and Technologies

Ultramodern technologies serve sustainability and comfort at the same time. For those who want to rely on current living ideas 2022, they are a must. However, you should also keep in mind that simplicity is key. The modern technologies are seamlessly integrated into the living ideas. You hardly notice them and yet they improve our everyday life in an intuitive way. They are hidden so they can be combined with any style of interior design.

Feel free to fill the empty spaces with multiple items!

Geometry dominates very strongly

Angular geometry dominates interior design in 2022. Other figures, spirals or circles also appear, but they serve more to balance and balance. The geometric figures are not just there for decoration. They dominate the shapes of the designer furniture and determine the distribution of the furniture in the room. They often represent the basis for practical and at the same time original solutions for unconventional floor plans.

Colors that can be combined with natural materials are modern!

Oversized furniture or minimalism

Basically, large walking areas are left free this year. This is done by using a smaller number of furniture and decorative items. At first glance, such a trend would be called minimalism. But you often see oversized pieces of furniture in the interior design. These take up a bit more space, but are represented in smaller numbers. Often they are also multifunctional and serve as an accent in the interior design.

All textiles and materials must indulge our senses!

Turn your home interior into a gallery!

With this request, we would like to draw your attention to two main trends in living ideas for 2022. The first thing to know is that artful looking objects are special this year are popular. It is also considered trendy to display as many decorative objects as possible. In this way you can show more of yourself and your everyday life and ensure interesting topics for conversation with friends and relatives. This continues the trend of opting for multifunctional ideas.

Inspiration for modern rectangular decoration!

One and the same color in several shades

If you look at our living room ideas, you will certainly notice monochrome interior design. But something is different this year! You experiment incredibly with the different nuances. We find tones of different intensities, combined with skill. You shouldn't be put off, but be bold and show off the variety of your own favorite color in interior design! The main aspect of the colors that you are experimenting with is the light. On one and the same surface you can see a systematic transition from a very light to a very dark shade.

Multiple green colors - natural and modern at the beginning of 2022

Low beds and other adventurous ideas

According to trend forecasts, very low beds will gain in popularity in 2022. They are known from different cultures and have something adventurous about them. The pursuit of experience coupled with comfort is probably why they have an ever-important place in interior design. That's something new, because the adventure in the facility has so far been limited to the decoration. Now it also dominates the important functional furniture!

Few and oversized objects often occur!

Even more pleasure for the senses!

Bringing a treat for the senses is a major trend in recent years. With each coming season, you will be pleasantly surprised even more than before in this respect. Clearly, designers have invested a great deal of energy and talent into researching human perceptions of comfort and coziness. All materials and designs are becoming more and more reconciling when you touch them. They are becoming easier to care for and more attractive. A wonderful year awaits us with unique living ideas, don't you think?

Reuse and sustainability are important principles in modern interior design

Turn your living room into a gallery!

Luxury and easy-care pieces of furniture characterize the interior design

Natural materials for the bathroom are becoming increasingly popular

This oversized image is contemporary and creates a transition to the outdoors

Another example of interior design with several shades of the same color

The constellation of furniture is often inspired by geometric figures

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