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Anyone who uses modern lighting must beware of chandeliers. Among all ceiling lamps, chandeliers clearly stand out. There is something extravagant and luxurious about them, and as massive lamps they never go unnoticed. Chandeliers come in a variety of styles to fulfill their primary role: bringing light and splendor to the room.

Does the chandelier have to be extravagant and eye-catching or subtle and reserved? It depends on the style of the facility. But you could also set wonderful contrasts by choosing the chandelier. If you are also considering a chandelier for the modern lighting of the living room or hallway, then collect some ideas from our picture gallery!

Because chandeliers are modern and functional, they are suitable for any room in the home

The chandelier as an accent in modern interior design

Chandeliers appear in different shapes and designs, they are also counted among the pendant lights. In which room and where does the chandelier come into its own? In fact, you can't go wrong by placing the chandelier in the center of the living room or bedroom, or hanging it over the dining table.

Chandeliers not only make a beautiful impression in a really luxurious room. Even on a small area, they unfold their real potential. Chandeliers cut a fine figure in the hallway and bedroom as well as in the living room or dining room. They become eye-catchers and no other decoration is necessary in the room! Of course, only if they are cleaned regularly do they unfold their full unique beauty.

This chandelier catches the eye…

Chandeliers have different sizes

In modern chandeliers, real candles have gradually been replaced by light bulbs in the shape of candles. The LED lamps are particularly popular because they spread good light in the room and are durable. Chandeliers can have one or more lights. Depending on that, they differed in size. The multifaceted variety of designs and sizes makes it possible to find the right one for every room choose model. Room size should also be taken into consideration when looking for the best possible chandelier!

We find it very practical that most modern chandeliers are adjustable and can be placed in rooms with different ceiling heights. But the chandelier should not hang too low. Otherwise it loses some of its majestic effect…

Modern geometric design in black brings dynamism to the living room

Pay attention to the color too!

The material

Crystal, brass, metal, chrome, glass, plastic, acrylic… The list of materials from which modern chandeliers are made is very long. But the choice of material is an important one, as it largely determines the look of the chandelier. For example, the chandeliers made of metal look minimalistic, made of wood - rustic.

This modern chandelier creates a floating effect in the room

Giving a feminine touch to the dining area

Anyone who wants to create highlights in the interior prefers a chandelier to a simple lamp, because chandeliers are modern and functional and can be effectively staged. As a home accessory and lighting fixture at the same time, chandeliers can transform any single room into a spectacular interior. Whether made of crystal glass or in a country house style, chandeliers are a good solution for every room!

The modern chandelier is playful and attractive!

Chandelier as an elegant addition to interior design

Adapt the shape of the chandelier to the shape of the table

A retro chandelier fits perfectly into the dining room

Chandelier in country style brings coziness to the living room

A luxurious vision!

Black chandelier in neutral bedroom

Chandeliers are real works of art!

Consider a functional chandelier

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