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A four-poster bed is nothing new in the bedroom, but it still remains as popular as it is controversial. Many people prefer to set up their bedroom romantically and opt for the comfortable piece of furniture. Others think they don't have enough space in their room or that they have to dig deep into their pockets for such a bed. No matter which group you belong to, we don't want to change your opinion about the four-poster bed. We just want to inform you in detail how you can treat yourself to the highest sleeping comfort and feel in seventh heaven. In this article we try to tell you everything you need to know about the four-poster bed - from its history, dimensions and materials to the diverse designs. In short, we show you great ways to bet in a fine way. Stay tuned for inspiration for a romantic and very comfortable four poster bed in your own bedroom.

A modern four-poster bed to feel good and dream about!

  • What else should you know about the history of the four-poster bed?

You probably know the bed with the canopy from children's fairy tales or film adaptations of medieval sagas and legends, don't you? In any case, this piece of furniture is associated with a lot of romance. The fact is, the four-poster bed has its origins in the Middle Ages.

In those days, four-poster beds were a privilege of the nobility. Beds with thick curtains around them were designed to protect the nobles from the cold on the one hand and from the prying eyes of the servants on the other. Then as now, the four-poster bed had four posts that did not end at the height of the mattress, but went "to the sky". A canopy spanned the bed. In the Middle Ages it was customary to sit on the bed during the day and draw the curtains before going to bed. They liked to hide valuables there. Hence the now popular expression "putting something on the high edge", that means saving something.

The special bed construction is still used today to protect your privacy.

Approximately from the 13th century refined the four-poster beds by making them more and more luxurious. For example, people used fine fabrics and liked to decorate the wood. There were models with carved or finely painted wooden posts. Plus, their dimensions grew as well, making a four-poster bed feel like an oasis of calm in your own home.

In the past, a whole family could sleep in a large four-poster bed.

  • The four-poster bed can have different dimensions and be made of different materials

Today there are different models and even unusual variants of the four-poster bed. However, the standard dimensions are always the same. A canopy bed is rarely used by just one person, but there are models measuring 120 x 200 cm. However, most four-poster beds are wider, they are intended for two people and have dimensions of 160 x 200 or 200 x 200 cm. Just like the width, the height can also vary. However, most four-poster beds are 200 cm high. There are of course lower models, but there are also higher models.

How to create a premium bedroom design!

The question of what materials a modern four-poster bed is made of is also interesting. Traditionally, solid wood is mainly used for the bed construction and the posts. It can be varnished, glazed or oiled. You can also paint the wood or decorate it with various ornaments. Such four-poster beds fit perfectly in a rustic bedroom or in a vintage bedroom. However, there are chic models made of metal such as iron and chrome, which bring a modern touch and stand out depending on their design. The four-poster beds made of ornate wrought or cast iron are very unusual. They immediately attract everyone's attention. But of course you have to find a model that fits seamlessly into your bedroom and completely matches your interior design style.

A metal four-poster bed usually has a simple design, but it fits perfectly in a romantic bedroom.

The simple design of this four poster bed is specially designed for small bedrooms.

Our extra tip: If you opt for a four-poster bed in your own bedroom, it is best to choose an easy-care model. So you don't have to spend a lot of effort and time to keep your four-poster bed in perfect condition.

This easy-care model looks very exotic.

The black coated metal construction contrasts with the white duvet cover.

Depending on the material used for the bed construction, you can choose between thick curtains and light fabrics. The choice is yours here, but you must always keep in mind that the right fabric is of great importance to the overall look of the four-poster bed. The so-called canopy gives the four-poster bed the finishing touch. Sheer fabrics like featherweight voile or chiffon are in high demand. They are breathable and delicate. They feel soft and sandy. With regard to suitable fabrics, light, colorfully printed cotton fabrics are still available, but also heavy velvet or brocade. These are completely opaque and can be found in different colors on the market. You're bound to be spoiled for choice as to which fabric makes you feel truly royal!

Skin-thin curtains and many hanging lamps for your very special nights!

Bring nature right into your bedroom with climbing green plants on the frame.

The four poster bed looks absolutely inviting in front of this wallpaper.

  • The four-poster bed and its design must be in harmony with the style of the bedroom decor

Finally, we come to the point of matching design for a four poster bed. Opinions differ widely here. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether they love playful romance or country style. An ornate white wrought iron frame would fit perfectly into a country bedroom. On the other hand, you can bring a strongly emphasized natural touch to the ambience if you choose a bed made of bamboo. Add a thin canopy and you could feel like you're in Africa. The four-poster beds, on the other hand, look very chic and modern with a simple design and in light colors such as beige, ochre, white and dove grey. You can also allow yourself a few accents in black, navy blue or chocolate brown. If you have a playful design in the bedroom, then you can rely on fabrics in dark green, wine red or sky blue. So you will definitely enjoy a great feeling of luxury in your own four-poster bed.

But also a lot of sleeping comfort and perfect bed rest. The Freshideen editorial team wishes you the best!

Between extravagance and romance… .

A four-poster bed made of sturdy wood can also look romantic.

Especially if you make it unique with thin fabrics and hanging lamps.

A metal bed construction also suits the rustic furnishing style.

Or do you prefer romance?

A model for those who want to preserve and continue the old tradition…

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