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The color scheme is an important part of the overall interior design. According to color psychology, each color indirectly affects our subconscious, thoughts, creativity and mood. Colors can create a calm ambience where everyone feels comfortable. In addition, they can also have a nerve-stimulating effect and promote our activity in space. That's why it's worth finding out more about the colors and their effect in the interior. We also reveal some professional tricks on how to bring more color into the four walls. We'll show you three different ways to add more color to your interior while still avoiding potential color confusion. It is well known that too many colors make every room look cluttered and rather off-putting. So, it is very important to find just the right amount and then to design the color scheme in the interior. We will show you how this works particularly well using over 20 stylish ideas for modern color design at home.

The color scheme in every room has an unconscious effect on our thoughts and emotions.

How would you feel in such a room? Calm, tense, confident or anxious?

  • Why do you need more color in the interior?

One color rooms are passe, they look monotonous and even boring. Now you need more color in the interior to feel comfortable and at home again. That's why you shouldn't just limit yourself to one color in the room, but rather choose a main color and one or two secondary colors for a specific room. In this way you ensure a colorful change in the room, which immediately changes its effect. So that you don't make any mistakes when choosing colors at home, you can play it safe, namely use the basic rule: every color can be perfectly combined with white! You will definitely be surprised by the good results!

Any color goes well with white! This color rule is especially true for the bedroom, where you need a calm and balanced ambiance.

Brave minds can Dig deeper into the paint pot and choose garish tones that are very different from each other. On the one hand, these are perfect as cool accents in the room. On the other hand, such color combinations are always unique, surprisingly beautiful and have an overwhelming effect in the interior. Using a few examples, we now want to explain the effect of certain colors in the interior.

The sunny dining room is spiced up with light wood and pink curtains.

Imagine for a minute the dining room above without the soft pink curtains? What you now see in your imagination is a monochromatic room without any atmosphere. But the pink inserted with the curtains changes the visual feeling. This soft shade of pink puts us in the mood for romance and makes the room appear brighter, friendlier and larger. Running color psychologists, this cute girl color can even reduce aggression.

The yellow kitchen back wall serves as an accent and visually makes the room appear larger.

As is well known, Yellow is mostly associated with the sun and stands for cheerfulness and joy. It is considered a bright color and is mainly used for accents in modern design. For example, yellow can make a poorly lit part of the room look friendly and bright. The experts in color design claim that yellow promotes our concentration and creativity.

Violet is a mystical color and can be easily combined with grey.

Violet stands for spirituality, mysticism and spiritual balance. As a wall paint, it has a calming effect and is said to promote concentration. Purple is also said to curb appetite. This mystical color has different shades, all of which are enchantingly beautiful. Just be careful with shades that are too dark, because they could have an oppressive effect.

To avoid the monotony of gray in this living room, other soft colors have been introduced, such as white, light blue, green and a yellow accent. It looks appealing and inviting.

Grey is a reserved and neutral colour. It can often be seen in puristic design concepts. In addition, gray brings timeless elegance and has established itself as the absolute trend color in fashion and design in 2022 and 2022. If you have a small room, choose a lighter shade of gray. Darker shades of gray fit better in larger ones rooms. In addition, gray can be excellently combined with strong colors, in this regard with green, blue and brown. With pink it forms an unsurpassable color duo.

According to color experts, brown is the warmest color nuance in the entire color spectrum.

Brown is the classic warm color in the interior, even the warmest. It also looks subtle and timeless. Light brown tones have an invigorating effect in the interior, while dark shades are calming. If you really want cosiness and more color in the interior, then go for brown! It also pairs well with almost any other color.

  • Three basic ways to introduce more color into the interior

Having shown you the most popular colors for any modern interior design, let's present you with three basic tried-and-tested ways of using more color in the interior. You can decide for yourself which one you choose. But we can assure you in advance that with the following tips and ideas you will introduce more style and chic into your interior.

Cleverly selected colors and accents make this kitchen stand out.

  • Introduce a saturated color into a neutral space

A neutral space is ideal to brighten it up with colour. It can be creamy white, snow-white, beige, brown, with a lot of natural wood and even light green - all these are neutral colors. Update the room with any bold color. Choose only two or three rich shades. You can decorate the room with colorful artwork, pillows, pieces of furniture, blankets, tablecloths, curtains, rugs and other little things. Any room can be jazzed up just like that and you can get a stylish look.

This is how you design a calm-looking room thanks to the right choice of colour.

An explosion of colors!

  • You can mix multiple colors at will

If you had many highlights within a room, you could opt for a colorful palette. Choose different colors and mix them all as you like! Picture or photo wall ideas and colorful furniture, bright works of art and statuettes, colorful textiles and interesting souvenirs are very effective. A few metallic accents can also freshen up the ambience. Everything is left to your imagination here to help you create an inspiring and welcoming space.

Modern, practical and colourful!

Discover the charm of the monotonous color scheme!

  • You can only choose one color and play with its different nuances

Do you have a favorite color that you would like to have in front of your eyes all the time? Then you can design a monochromatic room exactly in your favorite color. Our advice is: choose the strongest possible shade and continue to play with its nuances in the interior. Popular colors for this design method are pink, blue, green, yellow, mustard, rust, red and others. The idea is actually to design the room in different shades of this solid color, creating a completely monochromatic room. This technique can be successfully used in the design of various premises. It could be a bathroom, living room, kitchen or any other space.

Now scroll down and get inspired for different colored interiors! Have you already chosen your preferred color design method? Now you probably know better how to use more color in the interior, don't you?

If sea blue is your favorite colour… .

Pink is a suitable color for the bathroom and toilet.

A very personal corner at the window in different shades of lilac.

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