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Spring is the best time to freshen up your wardrobe and buying new clothes is a norm. But all this costs money and time! However, each of us naturally wants to avoid such waste as much as possible. How can we do that and at the same time refresh our look in time for the upcoming season? Here are our tips on how to shop for new clothes and make the most of them.

Buying new clothes can be very practical!

Fix the wardrobe!

Most of us shop too much. We have dresses that we have long forgotten. We bought some many years ago and don't remember it anymore. Some are hopelessly outdated, but others can certainly be rekindled by the spiral of fashion.

So put the closet in order and select your clothes.

Take classic blouses with fancy designs

Before you buy new clothes, you should sort the old ones!

We recommend dividing these into three groups. One of them would be the clothes you clearly don't want to wear anymore. Maybe they don't look very good on you anymore, or maybe you've just changed your taste and don't want to wear them anymore. The second group are those clothes that you always love but might need a little refreshment or adjustment. Some pieces just need to be expanded or narrowed a bit and then they fit just fine. Classic dresses with a surprising detail are also particularly up-to-date this year. So you can turn old clothes into something really original by making some changes. You can, for example, cut a second pocket on the jacket or cut a sleeve on a black dress asymmetrically. You can also have an oversized accessory sewn on or accentuate your waist with a modern belt. In the third group are the clothes that you will want to wear again because they still fit you and you still want them like. By doing this, you will gain clarity through which you will then more easily buy clothes that will serve you for a really long time.

Pastel blue is trendy now, but you might already have it in your wardrobe

Take the time to plan ahead for the next few months

Make something funny out of the whole thing! Sit down alone or with friends and wander a bit forward in time. What are you going to do in the coming months? Will you travel, have many official celebrations or maybe go out to parties with friends a lot? To make the whole planning even more fun, it can be accompanied by delicious coffee or tea, maybe a glass of wine and delicious food. Give yourself some time to dream! What outfits do you need for the beautiful moments that are ahead of you? What do you already have with you and what should you add to your wardrobe?

With a little adjustment, you can create a trendy street style out of old clothes

Start with a rough plan!

In the first step you should plan roughly. This means that you determine the types of clothing that you will need. As an example, you might find that you have enough short skirts and pants. However, you are missing longer trousers made of light, summery fabrics. What about the t-shirts and tops? Do you have enough matching accessories? As soon as you notice exactly where the defect is, you can go into detail!

Priority is multifunctional garments

Multifunctional items of clothing play the leading role in a well-balanced wardrobe. It is about those that can be combined with many things and are also suitable for different occasions. As soon as you have enough of them, you reach a basic level of comfort in everyday life. Exactly the same applies to the accessories such as belts, bags, jewelry, shoes, etc.

Another very topical nuance!

Something super trendy as a reward for the effort!

You have now put a lot of effort into freshening up your wardrobe in the most practical way possible. Now you can buy some pretty trendy clothes with a clear conscience! You can risk some fancy patterns or models which are super current this season are. If you use the quantities sensibly, it doesn't matter if one or the other piece of clothing is no longer super current after a year. Sometimes you have to enjoy the moment to the fullest!

Combine trendy hairstyles with trendy clothes!

Think green!

Eco-friendly thinking is trendy! The old clothes should be recycled in some way. The big chains have special containers for this. Some clothes in good condition could be reused by socially disadvantaged people in our country or other countries. If you buy completely new clothes, pay attention to their origin and sustainability. You should respect the golden rule "less is more" and thus behave responsibly! Rather pay a little more, but buy something that is fair trade and something that has been produced according to the principles of sustainability in an ecological sense.

We wish you many great moments with your fresh outfits!

Order the closet before you buy new clothes!

Do you perhaps need to supplement your wardrobe with new t-shirts?

Perhaps you want to treat yourself to a new chic dress?

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