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It's always the same: you either have too much or too little in your suitcase! In both cases, the most important things usually stay at home. However, this is not a condition that cannot be changed. We have prepared 6 steps for you to pack your suitcase in such a way that you take everything you need with you. Nothing less and nothing more. It really is possible: read our articles and see for yourself!

Packing a suitcase can also be fun!

Plan carefully how you pack your suitcase!

This is by no means wasted time! If you plan your packing properly, then the rest of the trip will be much easier. It's never too early to start. But it can definitely be too late: If you pack your suitcase at the last moment, you would definitely forget something.

Make it a conversation! Grab a glass of wine, maybe some delicious food. Because you need time for the next steps that we will tell you about. But the fulfillment of these would then guarantee you a lot of rest during the trip!

First of all, make a list!

Make a list, do it right!

You should start preparing the suitcase with a list. Don't go into too much detail! You need to know that you need blouses and shoes. But which and how many exactly, you can determine in the next step. The list should be written in such a way that it is easy to cross something out. Take a piece of paper and preferably a pencil so that you can easily erase something in an emergency. Alternatively, you could jot something down on your phone or tablet! Now you already have the basis and you can use the next key points to supplement it and determine the details more precisely. You can also create a separate list for "the little things"!

If you are traveling with several people, you should distribute the clothes correctly!

There are a few important groups among the little things.

The first refer to the Cosmetics and everything for personal hygiene. Furthermore, you must not add those related to the weather, such as parasols or umbrellas. The accessories that go with our clothes are also important. Another important group are papers, such as all travel documents, personal documents, maps, booking and payment confirmations. Finally, you should also think about clothing accessories and jewellery.

The way you fold the clothes is very important!

Respect the peculiarities of the season!

It makes a big difference what the weather will be like during your trip. In which season are you traveling? If there is a risk of too hot or too warm weather, then you need the appropriate clothes. It is best to take one or two pieces of clothing with you for each of the predictable weather stations. You can change your outfit often and be well prepared for changing temperatures.

What's exciting about the destinations?

You should research what recreational entertainment options are available in different destinations. Maybe you can overlook something and not realize that there is somewhere to swim or hike? It would be a shame, especially if you are a fan of these hobbies! You'd better find out what options there are so you don't regret anything!

Only take what you really need!

Plan your outfits day by day when you pack your suitcase!

Make a plan of activities you will undertake. This makes it much easier for you to choose the right outfits. For the last ones, you should bet on multifunctionality, especially in winter. If you can wear something more than once, you save space in your suitcase. The extravagant items of clothing, which are a bit more difficult to combine, should rather stay at home. In the summer, you might be able to afford to wear something different every day! The same rule applies to shoes! For this we would also recommend that you put on those that take up the most space and prefer to pack the others in your suitcase. Visualize and try if necessary! How do you look and how do you feel in each outfit? When traveling you are often nervous and the clothes should be particularly comfortable be.

Pack your hand luggage properly!

In your hand luggage, you should preferably take one piece from each of the important "groups" listed. This would be e.g. a t-shirt, a blouse, a pair of socks, pants, maybe a hat, a pair of gloves or an umbrella. When it comes to accessories and shoes, it's a bit more difficult. Maybe you can take sports shoes with you because they don't take up so much space in your suitcase. You should be careful with accessories and liquids such as shampoos when flying, because there are certain restrictions on them. Think about the list again and bravely cross something out! After you've gotten all of the details out of these, it's time to start stripping out the superfluous! This is quite painful for some, but find the courage to do it. Keep this in mind: everything that is simply superfluous you have to carry around! That would be too much of a burden for you! You then also lose time arranging things and looking for certain things. Plus, you still have room in case you forgot anything.

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