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Here at Freshideen, we have the pleasant task of constantly informing, exciting and inspiring you. That's why we choose topics for our articles that appeal to a wide audience. We are always concerned with clever ideas for your interior and cool tips for your garden design. You can also find practical ideas for unusual DIY projects on our website. In today's article we combine many of them. In the following we want to show you how you can turn an empty wall into an eye-catcher in your own home. Just put an end to the somewhat boring, cold or unfinished wall! With a little investment of time and money, you can make any empty wall attractive. Even if you prefer an ultra-minimalist interior, you can express your ingenuity on one of the walls. The following design ideas could make a blank wall more interesting and eye-catching.

This wall art definitely catches the eye, doesn't it?

  • Modern wallpapers transform any empty wall into something special

To avoid the boring look of a blank wall, you can create a great accent wall with modern wallpaper. This one couldn't be overlooked as it is chic and attractive as seen in the picture above. You will find a lot of such wallpapers in specialist shops, which will suit every taste and style.

Some have dramatic graphics or fancy print options. There are also numerous colors and designs to choose from. Wall murals with floral motifs are still very popular and are unlikely to go out of style any time soon. Modern wallpaper will help you quickly improve the look of a blank wall. These fit into even smaller spaces and are great if you want to set an accent in the room.

Gray marble effect wallpaper! Gray is the new black and it's still trending.

Different sizes of round mirrors make the blank wall look very different.

  • An empty wall can be easily refreshed by installing mirrors on it

The easiest way to make an empty wall eye-catching is to put a mirror installation on it. For this purpose, use mirrors of different sizes, but in matching shapes and preferably in beautiful frames. For example, several mirrors in copper frames make a beautiful wall decoration that reflects the light and makes the room appear larger. Play with the shape and the geometric structure of the mirrors. They will definitely turn the empty wall into a great eye-catcher.

The hexagonal shape of these small mirrors really shows off against the dark wall.

The irregular shape of the mirrors is immediately noticeable.

You can even take a single oversized mirror in an old wood or metal frame and use it to refresh the ambiance. For fans of boho style, we also have interesting ideas for combining mirrors and macrame. So you can create a real work of art for your blank wall. Don't forget that there are basically no limits to your creativity. It's entirely up to you what you put on a blank wall and make it stand out.

A great idea for Boho Style fans: here you have combined mirrors with fringes.

This large mirror in a vintage metal frame fits perfectly in the hallway.

  • You can lean or hang something on the empty wall

These are two more ways to make the blank wall look more interesting. Both inscribe themselves excellently in a rustic or boho style interior. On the one hand, you can lean an old ladder against the empty wall and display decorative items on it. The ladder does not necessarily have to be high. But if you're using more than one ladder, then it's wise to vary their size and height to add more visual interest. Ladders are also a great option for the entryway. You can hang umbrellas, hats, sunglasses, etc. on it and always have them handy before going out.

Lean a ladder against the blank wall and hang everything you need before going out on it.

But in the living room, too, a ladder leaning against the empty wall works a good figure.

Furthermore, yarn and fabric wall hangings are very popular for eye-catching a blank wall and decorating a boho room. You can hang macrame, fringe, fabric of different colors. Many such wall hangings can be designed by yourself. With a wall hanging, you can not only introduce more visual interest into your living space, but also emphasize the style there. It also adds color and texture.

You can also master a wall hanging yourself.

If you are good at macramé technique… .

  • Creative ideas for all DIY fans to turn an empty wall into an eye-catcher

As always, we have interesting and creative ideas for all DIY fans. But this requires a lot of manual dexterity. In the following pictures you will find enough inspiration for self-made shelves and imaginative wall coverings. These are also a great way to fill in an empty wall and make it pop. If you choose a shelf for your books or indoor plants, you can reuse old wood for it. In this way you make a small contribution to environmental protection and give your room a natural flair. Also consider, this is a hot trend in the interior right now! You can build a large shelf with many compartments from old wood or you can opt for a hanging shelf. The possibilities really are endless and you'll get a little more storage space in the process!

You can build a beautiful kitchen shelf yourself from old wood.

Surely the green indoor plants will feel very comfortable in these hanging flower boxes!

Great idea for all bookworms with crafty hands.

As we write about creative wall decor ideas, we couldn't skip the amazing wall coverings. Again, the options are endless, ranging from sculptural tiles to metal wall panels to wood planks and acoustic fabric panels. The most popular material remains naturally textured wood, which never goes out of style and brings warmth and coziness to the space.

A wall of reclaimed wood gives this Space coziness and warmth.

These ocher fish scale pattern cork wall tiles are not just for wall coverings.

The dark cork wall coverings contrast with the overall ivory color space.

If we were able to inspire you with our creative ideas for the topic, then scroll down and get more inspiration. The editors wish you a lot of fun and good luck with your project to turn an empty wall into an eye-catcher!

The small patterned wallpaper fits perfectly into this interior.

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