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If you have a blank wall in a room of your home and are dying to jazz it up, then you can't go wrong with a beautiful moss wall. On the contrary, you hit the mark with it! A moss wall is a beautiful combination of living plants and artistic masterpiece.

Perhaps you are already familiar with the current "biophilia" trend and have had the idea of furnishing your house or office with a trendy moss wall. If so, then read on and find out how you can creatively liven up your living or working space.

A moss wall is perfectly inscribed in biophilic design

The moss wall is very trendy

First, we'll tell you a little secret. Not every green moss wall is alive. Moss walls can be both alive and preserved or mixed. Living moss walls need constant moisture. And this can damage the wall on which the moss is displayed. It is therefore recommended to only hang up a living moss wall outdoors.

You can also position a wall of preserved moss in your interior.

Make your own moss wall

A preserved moss wall is certainly easy to create compared to a living one. You can even create a mixed piece (alive and preserved) by adding air plants or succulents to your preserved moss wall. These plants don't need a lot of water, so there's no risk of damaging your walls with them.

The first decision you need to make is where to place your moss wall.

You can combine different types of moss, which can be alive and preserved

Moss wall for interiors

If you want to hang up a moss wall in your living room, use preserved moss and dried accessories and you will create an easy-care wall.

Preserved moss is obtained by growing and drying natural moss to preserve the moss as it was most alive. There are a variety of preserved moss. Plate moss, pole moss, reindeer moss, reindeer moss are some of the possible variants. You can also choose from different colors.

Harmony and a calm Zen atmosphere are associated with a moss wall

Preserved moss does not need to be watered or stored in direct sunlight. And the best part is that this moss is available at craft stores or online.

There are different types of preserved moss that you can play with. Pole moss is one of them

There are also numerous accessories that you can add to a non-living moss wall. For example, driftwood, sponge mushrooms, dried twigs and seed pods can add a unique character to your gorgeous green wall.

As previously mentioned, most indoor moss walls require little to no maintenance. The exception may be when you decide to add some living accessories into your green wall, creating a mixed moss wall. If you combine preserved moss with any air plants or devil's ivy, you'll need to refresh them with the spray bottle every once in a while.

Achieving a playful texture with different types of moss

Moss wall outdoors

If your goal is to create a wall of living moss, then you should place it outdoors. In order for the living moss to thrive, you need to water it. This can prove difficult if the moss wall is hanging vertically in your home. You can also play with different types of moss outside.

In addition to the moss, you can also add some other plant accents that will make your living moss wall even more detailed and gorgeous. All air plants or green plants such as chain hearts, bromeliads and ivy are quite suitable for this.

Wood and living moss - a natural combination that brings a lot of freshness with it

Tillandsia, for example, is a suitable air plant that will also add color to your moss wall. Air plants are so called because they get most of their nutrients from the air. The chain of hearts is a long, hanging plant that adds extra texture to the moss. So there are several different types of plants from which to choose something suitable for your moss wall can.

Moss and air plants - a living moss wall

Regardless of what type of moss wall you choose and what other plants you combine the moss with or maybe just use one or more types of moss, you can create your own green wall decoration that fully reflects the current zeitgeist. In order to be able to feel and reproduce this better, we have put together a number of current examples below. Get inspired first and then get started! In this article you will find detailed information on how to build a moss wall yourself. We wish you a lot of fun and good luck!

Let nature inspire you!

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