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We all want our homes to be cozy and offer us the best living comfort. Unfortunately, over the years, some rooms have become less attractive and everyone feels they need a makeover. But every renovation or redesign of your own four walls is expensive on the one hand and takes up a lot of valuable time on the other. Not to mention the amount of work. But you know, there are clever ways to freshen up the home and give it a modern look. Sometimes you don't need much to spruce up the space you have. You don't have to replace all the furniture or completely change the room decoration. You only have to set two or three cool accents in the interior and they will breathe new life into your interior. Also, they don't cost a lot of money. Below we present three ideas that will modernize the look of your home. Stay tuned and get inspired for great interior accents!

Modern room dividers ensure an elegant look in the interior.

  • Set modern visual accents in the interior with elegant room dividers

Anyone who wants more peace and privacy at home or specifically in the home office relies on modern room dividers. They can structure a large space and create an incredibly relaxing atmosphere. In addition, elegant room dividers are real all-rounders in small rooms, because they zone the room and ensure more peace.

In addition, modern room dividers cannot go unnoticed. We therefore recommend that you use them if necessary. They serve as great accents in the interior. On the one hand they are visual eye-catchers and on the other hand they fulfill their practical task of dividing the space into zones. Some are really flashy, daring and cool. The next few pictures will convince you of this.

Often the room dividers have eye-catching designs… .

Most are made of metal, wood and glass.

The glass walls allow a good transparency from one room to the other.

The room dividers are only available in subtle colors so that they can be seamlessly integrated into any interior. Their coloring is closely related to the material from which they are made. Here come mainly metal. Wood and glass in question. They are more noticeable because of their shape. The more daring and airy, the more modern. Since modern room dividers can be high or low, neither group aims to block the view of the room. Their role is to well define individual zones within a space, to separate them from each other and to serve as interior accents.

This room divider is practical and beautiful at the same time.

Elegant LED backlighting is an indispensable part of the modern kitchen.

Accent lighting plays an important role in the interior.

  • Built-in LED backlight takes your interior to a new level

It's no longer a secret that LED lighting is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. This is also particularly attractive if used correctly. In order to set cool accents in the interior, it is recommended to have built-in LED backlighting in certain rooms at home. For example, in the living room you can achieve a WOW effect by illuminating each shelf of the old bookshelf with LEDs and staging it in this way. Anyone who opts for built-in backlighting in the kitchen, bathroom or hallway would never regret it. You have a soft light in the room, which does not strain your eyes and serves as an accent in the interior. Don't forget that modern LEDs can also change color. This allows you to achieve more visual variety in your home and design it according to the latest interior trends.

This well-lit bookcase is eye-catching.

The TV wall can also be well lit and serve as an accent wall.

Don't forget the stairwell when designing a home lighting concept.

  • You can also set great accents in the interior with beautiful evergreen houseplants

Beautiful houseplants don't just add some color to you At home, they introduce new life to your space. With their lush green leaves, they often attract everyone's attention and serve as cool accents in the interior. Here we don't just mean the large-leaved Monstera, also called window leaf. But this is actually one of the most conspicuous indoor plants, is very popular in this country and can also be found frequently. For example, put a monstera in a nice big pot in a corner or next to the sofa in the living room. Immediately you will notice a visual change in the room, it feels more natural and airy. The huge leaves of the windowsill, mostly slotted and full of holes, refresh the interior.

A tall monstera in the corner of the room immediately catches the eye with its large, lush green leaves.

The elephant ear is no less attractive.

The attractive elephant ear can grow very tall in good conditions. Its light green, slightly shiny leaves bring a real jungle feeling to your four walls. In this regard, some competition comes from the ornamental banana. Its evergreen leaves are also extremely decorative. Can you wish for nicer accents in the interior?

The ornamental banana can grow very tall in the right location.

The violin fig is definitely at the top of the list of attractive indoor plants. It is characterized by approx. 50 cm long, leathery and slightly shiny deep green leaves. She is undemanding and very attractive.

The violin fig is easy to care for and is very popular with all plant fans.

The evergreen large-leaved plants are not only beautiful eye-catchers in the room. They provide a natural flair in the interior, are easy to care for and clean the air. You can read more about it here. Finally, we want to give you a good tip. Provide sufficient humidity in the room and your green friends will thank you for it. You will have great eye-catchers in the interior for many years.

Backlighting can also be combined with green plants for the bathroom as accents in the bathroom.

Green indoor plants also look good on modern room dividers.

Built-in LED strips are very trendy. In the kitchen… .

… but also in the bathroom!

In small apartments, modern room dividers separate the sleeping area from the living area.

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