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For years, megastar Keanu Reeves was considered the typical permanent bachelor of Hollywood. After severe strokes of fate, his single life was not easy at all. The popular actor preferred to live secluded from the glamor of the film world. That's why he only appeared alone, without a female companion, on red carpets and premieres. Now that has changed. Last weekend, 55-year-old Keanu Reeves appeared in love and happy again in public. He was at his side with girlfriend Alexandra Grant at a LACMA Art + Film Gala event in Los Angeles. Logically, their first appearance as a couple provided new topics for discussion and a lot of attention in the media. Reeves is known as the perfect gentleman among colleagues and friends. When taking photos with women, he always takes a few centimeters away. With the 46-year-old artist Alexandra Grant, he shows himself for the first time on the red carpet, holding hands and smiling. Isn't that a real token of love on his part?

Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant at their first red carpet appearance as a couple.

  • For two decades, Keanu Reeves led a reclusive life

Behind the single existence of the popular "Matrix" actor lies a tragic fate. That overshadowed his past. He was engaged to his great love, actress Jennifer Syme ("Lost Highway") 20 years ago. The couple were expecting their first child in 1999.

Unfortunately, in December 1999, there were complications and the daughter was stillborn. The couple split shortly after, although both remain good friends. However, their love relationship broke up in the tragedy. Only 15 months later, in April 2001, the young woman died in a car accident. And she was only 28 years old. It took Keanu Reeves many long years to process his grief and cope with these devastating tragedies. That's why his numerous fans are now happy that he appears happy and newly in love on the red carpet in Los Angeles. Obviously both are a perfect match!

The actor is leaving been single through life for 20 years - until now!

On the red carpet in Los Angeles, the Hollywood star surprisingly presented his new love.

  • Who is Alexandra Grant, the woman at Keanu Reeves' side?

At the LACMA Art + Film Gala event in Los Angeles, the 46-year-old artist appeared as a not entirely unknown lady alongside Hollywood star Keanu Reeves. Both were grinning broadly, in a good mood and obviously very happy together. But Alexandra Grant is nothing new in the life of the Lebanese-born and well-known Canadian film star. She is an old friend and they have been working together for years. A love story developed from their creative working relationship. Alexandra and Keanu have been working together on two books since 2001. Her first project is called Ode to Happiness, for which the movie star wrote the lyrics and the artist created the illustrations. In 2016 they brought out another book together, "Shadows". One year later they founded the publishing house "X Artists' Books". The artist Alexandra Grant has exhibited in many museums around the world.

Keanu Reeves made a public declaration of love to his longtime girlfriend Alexandra Grant last weekend.

Alexandra Grant's website tells us that she "explores ideas of identity and social responsibility through exploring the use of text and language in various media - painting, drawing, sculpture, film and photography". In an interview before LA Time last year, she said the following about her relationship with Keanu Reeves: “We both have a doer attitude. Some people are dreamers who have many ideas but don't implement them. I think we both want to have the idea and bring it to the world too."

The Hollywood star is no longer alone.

He knows how to separate work from private life with razor sharpness.

According to psychologists, the 55-year-old "John Wick" star and the 46-year-old artist have the ideal year difference for a long relationship. They go well together in every way. She is far removed from the usual Hollywood ideal of beauty, which is popularized in numerous films. Alexandra Grant likes a natural look, she doesn't dye her gray hair and obviously not interested in botox procedures. Superstar Keanu Reeves even shows up on the red carpet with long straggly hair and a tousled beard. He is wearing an elegant suit and sturdy hiking shoes at the gala. Typical Keanu Reeves, right?

His rebellious demeanor shows that the megastar prefers to stay away from Hollywood glamour.

Hopefully he has finally found his personal happiness! We wish Keanu Reeves the same!

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