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Last Friday, October 25, the Belgian Crown Princess Elisabeth came of age. She is the eldest of the four siblings, holds the title Duchess of Brabant and will one day succeed her father King Philippe to the throne. Elisabeth has been preparing for her time as Queen of Belgium for years. In addition to the Belgian national languages, she speaks Dutch, French and German, as well as fluent English. This is a good prerequisite for your royal future on the international stage. The Crown Princess has been a student at Atlantic College in Wales since 2022 and is due to graduate from high school next year. Although she hasn't been in Belgium much lately, the heir to the throne is very popular in her home country. However, every step of the royal teenager is carefully observed. But you appreciate her natural and self-confident behavior. With her casual, elegant style, she is a role model for the new generation.

Crown Princess Elisabeth enchants the whole of Belgium with her natural charisma.

  • How did the Belgian Crown Princess Elisabeth celebrate her 18th birthday?

On October 25th there was great joy in the Belgian royal family. The parents of the birthday child, Queen Mathilde (46) and King Philippe (59), were particularly happy. The joy was also openly written on the face of Crown Princess Elisabeth.

The ceremony to mark the 18th birthday of the future heir to the throne took place at the Royal Palace in Brussels. The birthday program began with a celebratory address by King Philippe to his firstborn daughter. Then it awarded her the Order of Leopold, also known as the Order of Concord. Crown Princess Elisabeth beamed all over her face and also gave a speech. She not only delighted her parents and siblings, but all royal guests and her 80 or so peers, who were also invited to the birthday party. The performance of the dance students from the Royal Ballet School in Antwerp was also interesting. At the end of the ceremony there was a group photo in front of the palace.

The Ceremony to mark the 18th birthday of the Crown Princess took place on October 25th at the Royal Palace in Brussels.

The first-born daughter of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium has come of age.

  • Belgian Crown Princess Elisabeth is increasingly the focus of public attention

As the Belgian press wrote months ago, "it seems that the royal family has decided to familiarize the princess with the functions she will one day have to perform". For some time she has been the focus of public attention more and more often. Rather, Crown Princess Elisabeth is publicly staged by her parents. For example, she accompanied her father in recording the speech for the Belgian national day. Shortly before, she made her first official trip abroad. During the summer holidays, the royal teenage mom accompanied Queen Mathilde on a three-day Unicef mission to Kenya. Apparently, the 18-year-old crown princess passed this test sample successfully. We can expect more public appearances from her in the near future.

The royal teenager was obviously touched. Just like the royal couple and all guests.

The Belgian royal family tries to paint the picture of the perfect teenager. Crown Princess Elisabeth is a role model for millions of young people. She enjoys reading because reading is "an important source of discovery and inspiration for her". She also loves nature, has been taking piano lessons for years and likes different styles of music. The future heir to the Belgian throne enjoys skiing and tennis. Her favorite sports include sailing and diving. In short, the princess is actually a normal teenager. But it is characterized by its elegant style, which is even a bit casual. The Belgian media particularly likes this, but so do the millions of supporters of the royal family. With her natural look and unassuming demeanor, the Belgian Crown Princess is a true role model for the new generation. The royal world is looking forward to their presence on the international scene soon.

Nice verjaardag, Elisabeth! Congratulations to the Crown Princess on her 18th birthday!

The Belgian Crown Princess Elisabeth with their peers and guests.

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