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Some people have a keen sense and eye for design. Others rely more on their gut feeling when furnishing a new apartment or making major interior design changes at home. Even those of us who are professionally involved in interior design often need a little extra inspiration in such cases. That's why clever instructions would never be useless. That's why we conducted numerous interviews with professionals to be able to unveil some interior design secrets. We summarize the most important things for you below. In this article we present you with interesting tips for comfortable furnishing and stylish decoration of every modern home. However, these are universal enough to meet your individual needs. Stay tuned to see what interior design secrets we've already revealed.

Interior design secrets only the pros know… .

  • What interior design secrets are revealed in the living room?

It is well known to all design fans, the living room is the visiting card of every home. Therefore, efforts are made to enjoy stylish and comfortable furnishings there. In addition, you want to create an inviting atmosphere in this room in particular, because that's where you like to have visitors.

The professionals recommend: surround yourself with comfort in the living room! Choose modern, extremely comfortable furniture and use it to express your style. Whether you want a trendy couch design or prefer a classic furniture set depends primarily on your personal preferences. However, according to experts, preference should be given to furniture of light shades. These fit perfectly into a neutral room concept and have a calming effect on you. Try to create at least one island of communication where you would like to spend pleasant hours with friends and family members. The following photo examples are a good source of inspiration for this.

Secrets of interior design: tone-on-tone interior design is currently a big trend.

Besides you can combine old and new in the living room and create a comfortable space.

  • Secrets of interior design: Low furniture, chic home accessories and stylish accents are desirable in the living room

An elegant floor lamp next to the sofa, a mural, a vase of fresh flowers and a soft throw blanket spice up the room design in the living room. It is best to choose furniture and accessories in the same color or combine them in different shades of one basic color. For example, you can choose blue as the main color and then complement it with gray and white. This way you get a uniform look in the room. Or you can furnish the living room with low upholstered furniture, for example in warm natural shades from brown to gold. Then set wall accents that draw everyone's attention. These interior design secrets will help you create a comfortable and stylish living environment.

The art of combining colors and home accessories that go well together.

Earthy colors, from white to gray to chocolate brown and yellow, exude natural warmth and are on the rise in living room design.

  • Interior design secrets revealed: the dining room is the heart of every home and must not be neglected

Just like in the living room, we also spend a lot of time in the dining room. Interior design experts advise that you should make this room colorful. Choose fresh colors such as sunny yellow or golden nuances and pair them with earthy tones. Then you get a dining room that stimulates the appetite while being calming and relaxing.

This dining room is attractively finished in a radiant warm sunny yellow.

Another view of the same dining room, but from a different angle.

On the dark background of the gray wall, the mirror in the shape of the sun stands out and corresponds to the hanging lamp with a golden sheen.

The secrets of interior design that have already been revealed show us that small natural decorative elements and accessories in the dining room are more the norm than the exception. For example an elegant vase with roses, a pot with orchids or a chic fruit bowl decorate the dining table perfectly. You can also turn the wall into an eye-catcher, simply with a modern picture or unusual wall mirror. Our examples from the dining room illustrate these design ideas very well.

Good proof of how elegantly the dining room can be designed.

The small dining area in front of the window can also be inviting.

Under the crystal chandelier, a vase of white roses sits on the dining table, adding beauty to the stylish dining room.

If you like color contrasts… .

  • Secrets of interior design: what to consider when designing the kitchen?

Well-known room designers and interior decorators admit that white kitchens are timeless and they will probably never go out of style! If you opt for this classic color scheme in the kitchen, then you can be sure that you have hit the mark! However, it is trendy to design a colorful kitchen. Choose the basic furniture such as kitchen island and kitchen cabinets in a saturated color nuance and you can enjoy the WOW effect for many years. The next examples is a good proof of that.

White kitchens are timeless and will probably never go out of style!

You can also spice up a white kitchen with a colorful runner.

White with terracotta creates a striking color combination in the kitchen.

If you want more color in the kitchen, you can try blue and black.

Check out our interior design secrets article for great ideas for classic to contemporary home office, hallway and bathroom decor. Don't forget, in principle everything that you like is allowed. And another important tip: the mysterious beauty of the stylish design is mostly hidden in small things. So let yourself be inspired and draw great ideas from the designers! The professionals know the secrets of interior design very well, but rarely want to reveal them!

Surround yourself with comfort… .

… and enjoy every moment in your own home!

Secrets of interior design revealed: the style is hidden in the small accessories.

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