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There is always interesting news from the world of stars and royals. But in the last few days we've had a lot of sweet news. Major US media such as People and US-Weekly reported, for example, that the pretty brunette Anne Hathaway is expecting her second child and therefore celebrated a great baby shower in New York with her friends. The days are even more interesting for Hollywood stars Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Her baby number three is here! Both have become parents for the third time. The Canadian actor shared a touching photo on Twitter.

Have you seen a nicer family photo?

  • Baby number three's first photo by Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

The first picture of the newborn baby shows the happy parents on a walk in the forest in Canada. Ryan Reynolds tenderly strokes his wife's head, their shared happiness is written on their faces. This small gesture speaks of her great love.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds lovingly hold their newborn daughter, whose face is defaced with a smiley face. The baby's name is not yet known. Under the picture, the proud father wrote: "I love B.C. I want my daughters to experience the same natural playground I grew up in." B.C. stands for the Canadian province of British Columbia. There in the city of Vancouver, Ryan Reynolds was born 42 years ago. With this photo of a Canadian forest in autumn, he also calls for as many people as possible to take part in the upcoming elections in Canada on October 21st and vote for their candidates for a new climate protection policy.

Great love, great family happiness! Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are happy with their three children!

  • Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds now have a big family

Ryan Reynolds was married to attractive Hollywood blonde Scarlett Johansson for two years between 2008 and 2001. Shortly after their separation, he learned from filming the film "Green Lantern" met his great love Blake Lively. Both stars had only been together for 6 months and already knew that they belong together. In September 2012, Blake and Ryan married. Their first daughter James was born in 2014. Two years later, their second daughter, little Inez, sealed their family happiness. Now there are five of them.

Both stars look dazzling at every public appearance.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds like to show their deepest feelings of love to the public. For example, in 2016, when Ryan unveiled his star on the Walk of Fame, he made a nice confession of love to his Blake. “You make everything better, absolutely everything in my life. You made me the father of my dreams when I thought I was only fit to be a funny uncle."

Both Hollywood stars with their two daughters at the Wals of Fame 2016.

Blake Lively was very reserved on Instagram and Co until recently and nobody knew about her third pregnancy. But at the film premiere of Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, both stars made a grand entrance and officially announced that they are expecting a third child. Blake then wore a pretty yellow dress that showed off her baby bump. Baby number three is said to have been born at the end of the summer, but the public is only now finding out about it.

Blake wore this beautiful yellow dress at the movie premiere of "Pokemon: Detective Pikachu".

  • Blake Lively is now surprisingly sharing details on baby essentials

After the birth of the third baby, Blake Lively is very open and reveals to her fans what is part of the basic baby equipment for her. In addition to the classic must-haves such as prams, diaper pails and baby phones, mothers can find a wide range of products on Amazon that make baby care easier in the first few weeks. These include nursing tea, deodorant free from silicone and parabens, protein bars and much more. Blake Lively admits she got a lot of help from her parents with her first child. She appreciates the support, which is why she now wants to help other women with good tips. To all moms-to-be, she writes: "I understand how overwhelming it is to be a new parent. What they don't tell you is that it never gets less overwhelming, but with every child I learn more". Thank you, dear Blake Lively!

Happiness is written on the faces of both stars.

Blake Lively's baby bump is clearly visible under the yellow dress.

Their love story continues…

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