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Today we continue our series of articles about edgy and unique house designs. Here we show you a new example of how human thinking knows no bounds. This is a modern house built of glass and concrete. It was built in the rain forest and shows that one should constantly adapt to new challenges in terms of architecture. In addition, this house is certainly interesting for our numerous readers, because it definitely brings new ways of thinking and living with it. Let yourself be surprised by its unique architecture!

Modern glass and concrete house in the middle of the Brazilian rainforest.

  • Why did they build a modern glass and concrete house in the middle of the rainforest?

Brazilian Atelier Branco has built a modern glass and concrete house called Casa Bibliotheca in the rainforest not far from São Paulo. It was specially designed for a philosopher as his retreat surrounded by nature.

The house actually has a wide roof terrace on which the resident could read for hours without being disturbed. Or while smoking a cigarette, he can gaze at the stars. Perfect for a philosopher who wanted a private space to read and reflect.

From every corner of the spacious living room you can watch the rainforest day and night.

This modern home sits on a hillside in the Atlantic Forest - a forest along the Atlantic coast of South America. Looking at it from afar, everyone will be pleasantly surprised. High glass walls allow a direct view of the rainforest. When it rains, it's very romantic inside! In addition, the modern house has a thick concrete roof, which forms the basis for a large terrace of 200 square meters. As mentioned before, on this one you can relax in the middle of nature and admire the green surroundings of the Atlantic Forest. The roof terrace is laid with wood. Weather-resistant wooden boards were used for the goal and they were used diagonally relocated to create an interesting pattern.

The roof terrace covered with wood invites you to linger outdoors.

Lots of glass and concrete were used in the construction of this modern house in the Brazilian rainforest. Concrete is the main structure of the house, including the roof, stepped foundation and pillars. Concrete steps on both sides of the house also lead to the roof terrace. Huge glass walls with slender steel frames offer a magnificent view of the forest from every corner of the house.

Simple in design and so clever in execution - this is a modern glass and concrete house in the Brazilian rainforest.

It blends in harmoniously with its surroundings.

  • Modern glass and concrete house called Casa Bibliotheca

This modern glass and concrete house is created as a cozy retreat for a philosopher. Here he can think undisturbed about global questions of philosophy and be creative. For this reason, a special place in the house was reserved for a large library. In this regard, the house is also called Casa Bibliotheca. How is it built inside? First, it extends over three levels that blend harmoniously into the terrain. Furthermore, the concrete structure inside is complemented throughout by wooden floors to create continuity between the different areas. An open kitchen and a living and dining room are located on the lower floor. There is a glass door on the front wall that opens outwards.

Modern house made of glass and concrete - it is called Casa Bibliotheca.

Here you can feel good and comfortable, enjoy full relaxation and work creatively.

On the middle floor there is a reading corner and a study with a large bookshelf on the back wall. Doors in the glass walls on either side lead to the outside stairs. On the third level there are two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms with exposed concrete surfaces. The bathrooms are designed in an industrial style, without any romanticism.

Industrial style attached bathrooms complete the look of the two top floor bedrooms.

The furniture is a mix of contemporary, modern and Mid-century vintage items that are all about modern chic and comfort.

The roof terrace seen from above!

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