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In the last few days, the media had surprised us with a lot of good news from the world of the beautiful and the rich. For example, the well-known US actress Anne Hathaway has a good reason to celebrate. The countdown for the soon-to-be mommy has officially started! The Oscar winner celebrated a cute baby shower with her best friends in New York. She is already in the final stretch of her second pregnancy. As reported by People, 36-year-old Anne Hathaway threw an amazing baby shower over the weekend! The location of this cute spectacle was the actress' domicile in New York. Among the guests was her fellow actor and good friend Jessica Chastain (42).

Heavily pregnant Anna Hathaway on her way to her baby shower.

Together with Jessica, she did some big shopping for the long-awaited baby number two.

  • Anna Hathaway and Adam Shulman's family just keeps growing

Anne Hathaway has been happily married to US actor and producer Adam Shulman (38) since 2012. The couple had their first child in 2016. Little Jonathan Rosebanks Shulman is the ray of sunshine for both parents and the crowning glory of their love. At the end of July this year, Anne surprised her numerous fans with new sweet news. Her family is growing, she is expecting her second child. So far, both parents have kept the baby's gender to themselves. So far, they have also kept a low profile with the name. But the important thing is that her son Jonathan Rosebanks will soon have a sibling!

Anne Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman will soon be parents for the second time.

The "Rachel's Wedding" actress has now proudly presented her baby bump to the public. For example, on October 10, she attended the film premiere of Modern Love. This is the latest film starring Anne Hathaway. She wore a chic cream-colored wrap top with a flounced train and floated it over the Red carpet. The beauty literally beamed with joy and kept stroking her baby bump in front of the photographers!

The soon-to-be mommy is radiantly beautiful and proud at the film premiere of "Modern Love".

  • Anne Hathaway on pregnancy

The beautiful brunette also fought hard for her second pregnancy. It's hard for her to even get pregnant. Anne has struggled with fertility issues for years. But now she is overjoyed that she is having children again. Still, the Princess Diaries actress revealed to OK magazine that her pregnancy isn't going smoothly. "I can focus on certain things and that's fine - but there are certain things that my brain doesn't allow me to do, like directions and stuff like that. If you describe something to me, like a shape, or if you spell something, I don't get along. I also have trouble remembering certain words."

The heavily pregnant actress encourages other women to become pregnant.

Anne Hathaway openly describes her struggles with pregnancy. Despite this, she feels great, everything is going according to plan and she is very happy that she will soon be a mom for the second time. “Pregnancy is wonderful. It's different for everyone. It depends on the person and the pregnancy. Personally, I'm doing great, I'm happy." With these words, Anne Hathaway tries to encourage other women to struggle with fertility problems and never give up their desire to become and be a mother!

Sugar sweet news - Anne Hathaway is becoming a mom for the second time!

Jessica Chastain organized a surprise party for her friend Anne Hathaway.

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