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A good night's sleep depends, among other things, on the right preparation. Often one has to fulfill some rituals before going to bed. For most of us, reading a book before bed is one. To put the book down after reading, you need a bedside table, and one that matches the style of the house or apartment and your own ideas of comfort. At the moment, bedroom furnishings with an antique flair are particularly up-to-date. Our examples of DIY bedside table or bedside tables would be particularly suitable for such designs.

Ancient look can be achieved with wooden bedside tables using different strategies

Bedside tables with an antique look

There are two different strategies you can use to make a bedside table look antique. One possibility is that this is indeed the case. So we can use a find from a flea market. Maybe your grandparents or relatives have a house full of antiques to give away?

The other possibility would be to make a new piece of furniture look old using specific techniques. Either case would be ideal for your antique bedroom.

Or maybe you opt for floating storage in the bedroom furniture?

Floating DIY Ideas

Antique wood and modern design - this is a very original idea. It would be perfect for the bedroom that offers both modern comfort and old world charm. We see such an example above. Improvised storage space has been attached to the wall. This was preferred to a regular bedside table and the effect is fabulous. This storage space idea gets an additional charm from the classy looking metal lampshade.

A modern design with clean lines would also go well with antique bedroom furniture

Simple decoration ideas from antique objects

You think you couldn't build a bedside table yourself? We wouldn't be so sure about that. Because we see "bedside tables" quite openly. It doesn't have to be a closet with a drawer or a lockable door. As you can see from the next example, you could just as easily stow a few antique objects on top of each other: suitcases and wooden boxes would be appropriate. You could put your books and lights on it.

Storage suitcases and other antique items - that could also make a bedside table

Bedside tables that combine an antique and modern design

Would you like a bedroom with a subtle, classic look? That will certainly work too. For inspiration, you can look at the example below our text. This bedside table drew its main idea from classic pieces of furniture. However, it was executed with clean, straight lines and this gives the final design a modern look. The result is very stylish and upscale.

The classic design of the bedside tables can also be interpreted with seamless, modern lines

Discover the variety of modern bedside tables

Are you surprised by the variety of modern bedside tables? Actually, almost everyone can find something for themselves among them. This applies both to the self-made ideas and to the designer pieces of furniture that draw inspiration from the classics. What would go best with your bedroom? We hope that by the end of our article you will be able to answer this question a little more easily.

An antique bedside table with a simple yet successful design

Multifunctional antique bedside table

Sewing table and accessories in antique style

Designer bedside table with artistic character

Another simple floating bedside table

A chair instead of a bedside table - a great idea in antique style

Bedside tables with antique oil lamp - also a great one idea

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