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The meaning of living room decor in general changes over time. The designers achieve perfection, so the pieces of furniture in this room gain greater value. Both visually and functionally. You don't just have a design for every style. You often go far beyond that. For example, modern living room tables and their decorations enrich the living room. They also structurally transform the ambience in which they are located. The better you achieve this effect, the more up-to-date the whole interior design looks. How does this relate to the living room table decoration? In the following article we will show you this with some examples.

The modern living room table decoration is usually very simple

The shape of the table as a living room decoration

Modern living room tables usually show original shapes and are very present in the room. In this way you achieve a strong, eye-catching decorative character, so that in many cases the jewelry on it is simply unnecessary. It would even be kind of a shame to cover the surface with superfluous stuff.

That's why you often go very sparingly with the living room table decoration. In most cases, these items should emphasize the design of the living room table itself. This is often characterized by a particularly interesting shape and texture. The decoration can only emphasize these qualities.

The mirror effect is crucial for interior design

Decoration with a high intellectual claim

The living room and the living room table decoration reflect the attitude of the residents. Traditional communication is regaining its lost popularity. One has obviously suffered enough from the negative influence of television and mass communication media. That is why the living room table is often decorated with books, magazines and stylish little pieces of art. They also inspire interesting topics of conversation among friends and family.

Small decorative pieces with a strong impact - this is particularly modern

The magic of mirror effect

Mirror effects of varying intensity and form are reaching a climax among the trends of recent years. They also have a very strong decorative effect. The mirror surface can be seen as a kind of living room decoration in itself. This makes different objects in the room more present! Incidentally, for this reason it is particularly important where exactly the different objects are positioned near the table. Placing other objects on such surfaces doubles their visual gravity. The metallic surfaces and colors have a similar but not as strong effect.

Here is another example of a room-structuring living room table

Further arguments for the simple living room table decoration

The rule "less is more" sounds quite banal. But at the moment it is also very up-to-date when it comes to living room table decoration. You bet on a smaller number of items. And lets this tell an exciting story. This can be a nice souvenir from vacation or an artistic looking candlestick. In the case of economical decoration, however, it is particularly important that the selected pieces correspond with the other room decorations.

The living room table decoration corresponds to the rest of the room decoration

Transforming objects as a living room table decoration

Vases made of materials with mirror surfaces, photo books that can be opened to a different page every day. There are also colors that appear different at different times of the day. All of these are transformable objects that always look different. This character of constant transformation is particularly relevant in living room decoration. You can certainly see that in many of our examples.

You don't really need any decorations on a table like this!

The storage area should be somewhere else

The modern living room table decoration is very multifunctional. However, it is somehow different than a few years ago. It helps with room structuring and defines the final impression of the room. However, this happens to the detriment of the practical functions that the living room table fulfills. It is less and less used as a storage space for any objects that are used more often. There is space almost exclusively for things that also need this space beautify. The storage area stays somewhere else.

For more variety, choose transformable decoration

General Tips

Finally, we would like to repeat some general tips that make the living room table decoration a successful project. The decoration should complement the table. The more neutral their structure or texture, the more eye-catching the pieces positioned on them can be. The opposite also applies, of course. The decoration of the living room table should correspond with the rest of the room decoration. Sometimes the living room table, with or without its decoration, can also serve as a highlight or accent in the room. But you would have to be more reserved with the decoration in the rest of the room.

Last but not least, we would like to recommend that you choose easy-care living room table decorations. You can also opt for pieces that bring you great pleasure even when you look at them! Because in your living room you have to feel comfortable above all!

This living room table looks different at any time of the day!

Here they decided to have a small art installation at home

More ideas for your living room table decoration

The living room tables here are a highlight and make the rest of the decoration unnecessary

Here are some ideas for decorating wooden living room tables

Further inspirations with mirror surfaces

Simple minimalist ideas for living room table decoration

The decoration should go well with the living room table

Modern and at the same time romantic decoration

The living room table - space for artistic and intellectual objects

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