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Flowers symbolize spring and these are best shown off in a beautiful vase. Transparent, artful, elegant - this is how the decoration, which consists of these two components, looks. It's also timeless. Nevertheless, there are some aspects of the design that make it look more modern. That's why we're always happy to publish new decorative ideas on otherwise classic-looking themes. Check out our selection of 30 ideas for spring decorations in jars!

Spring decoration in a glass with a monochrome character

Monochrome spring decoration in a glass

The spring decoration in a glass is ideal for the monochrome, modern interior design. You can choose flowers that correspond to the dominant colors in your room. The glass itself is neutral and will accentuate the decoration placed in it. This is exactly what the table design in the picture above shows.

It will certainly spread a great spring mood during a family dinner together.

Emphasize the vintage aspect of the design with spring flowers

Spring is Vintage

The colors of the spring flowers spread a vintage mood in a very natural way. If you have such an aspect in your decoration or interior design, you could emphasize the vintage flair particularly well with the selection of shades. You can see exactly how this can be done in the second example in our article. The glass here is not directly part of the decoration, but it is present in the form of wine glasses and a chandelier. The flowers between them automatically become the highlight!

Simple idea that showcases the originality of nature

DIY ideas that come from the heart

For a fabulous floral decoration you need a simple jam jar and a few meadow flowers. If you want to look particularly modern, you could simply choose some naturally particularly interesting-looking plants. The idea in the third picture in our article is very simple. However, the wands of flowers are on a charming and original way entangled with each other. The end result is uniquely beautiful and very original.

Would you also be happy about such a festive decoration?

Contrast between the glass and the flowers

You can achieve a fabulous contrast with the spring decoration in the glass. You need the right colors for this. Green vases with meaningful flowers would be perfect. This contrast would liven up your interior design very much. We have also selected just such an example for you. This is the picture under this text! A good idea for festive events, don't you think? In our opinion, such a spring decoration looks particularly stylish.

Green vases and flowers in delicate tones - an invigorating spring contrast

Invite the green color to your home!

The delicate, light green color symbolizes spring. By spreading this shade into your home, you're sure to experience the character of the season extra intensely. It doesn't make a big difference whether you achieve this with typical spring flowers or with other plants or objects in this color. Several pictures below can prove this.

The light green color is perfect for this season

The modern spring decoration in the glass is simple

The modern spring decoration in a glass for this year should be kept simple. As a result, it also looks particularly up-to-date. Forego the overly complicated ideas and look for unique but super original ideas. Also, follow the design tips and principles above. All this will ensure you great aesthetic pleasure in spring without much effort.

We wish you that you welcome this beautiful season with a lot of joy in your soul!

A timeless arrangement that corresponds to the mood of spring!

Even more green in the glass in harmony with spring!

Tulips are a symbol of this season!

Even more spring splendor in a glass!

With Cherry Blossoms you can create something super elegant like this!

A wreath of tulips in a glass bowl as the centerpiece on the table!

Even more festive spring splendor!

The simplicity can be quite effective

Spring decoration with moss and butterflies - wonderful idea for the new season!

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