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We live in a very stressful world and we feel it more and more through our bodies. The gastrointestinal tract is most affected by tension, nervousness, depression and similar mental conditions. Of course, we must first eliminate the causes for this so that we remain he althy. Regardless, eating a stomach-friendly meal could help make you feel a lot better. When is this urgently recommended and how exactly can you eat in a way that is easy on the stomach? We answer these questions in the next few lines.

Whole grain rice is good for the stomach

When is stomach-friendly food necessary?

Basically, you should always opt for stomach-friendly food when you feel tense and nervous. A typical example is those days when you have an important business meeting or exam ahead of you. In this case, nervousness will have a very bad effect on the stomach.

The heavy, irritating, and hearty foods make it worse. As a result, right during the exam or the important business meeting, you might get in trouble and perform poorly. Food that is gentle on the stomach should also be selected after a diet. This is also a better choice in the evening or during longer trips. After all, you should always use it when you get a bad feeling in your stomach.

Scalloped wholemeal bread is easy on the stomach

Eating that is gentle on the stomach: The general rules

The exact rules for stomach-friendly food differ from person to person. However, there are some tips, hints and restrictions that are universal. Stomach-friendly foods are those that can be digested quickly and easily. They must not cause flatulence and be able to neutralize excess stomach acid. The stomach-friendly food should also not contain too much fat and preferably little or no sugar or s alt. Rough foods are generally to be avoided, especially if you are not used to them. The random pairing of different types of food is also a heavy burden on the stomach. on Under no circumstances should you combine bread and cheese with each other. You should rather eat these separately at intervals of 2 to 3 hours.

You can combine the fish with salad!

Become aware of the specifics of your own diet!

Nowadays allergies are very common, such as those against gluten or lactose. Due to the stress of everyday life and other factors, many of us are sensitive to several products. Some people have a hard time with fruit or vegetables because they make them gassy. Others find it very difficult to digest dairy products, even if they are not severely lactose intolerant. It is best to eat the usual products in your diet a few hours apart over the course of a few days. Eventually, you'll find out exactly which ones are actually causing your stomach problems.

Boiled eggs in combination with avocado are a perfect idea!

Typical examples of stomach-friendly food


We'll start with some typical foods that are usually very easy to digest. These are whole grain breads and produce, brown and wild rice, sweet potatoes. These should be boiled, baked or toasted very well. This makes it easier for the stomach to process them. Avoid s alt, any kind of strong spices and too much fat. Products made from white flour, or the usual potatoes, put a strain on the stomach and the body in general.

Baked apples are very he althy for an upset stomach. You could enjoy the avocado on bread or simply sliced with different dishes. Lean meats and low-fat fish are also good choices when baked and eaten without spices. With vegetables and fruit it is quite individual. As a rule, the green leafy vegetables, asparagus, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers should not hurt. Baked apples are very he althy for an upset stomach. You could enjoy the avocado on bread or simply sliced with different dishes. Most people get stomach problems from carrots, radishes, radishes and various types of beans. Eggs are a good idea, while milk and yoghurt are irritating for many people.

Find out which types of vegetables are good for you!

The way of preparing different foods

The gentle on the stomach Food is almost always baked or cooked. For some vegetables and fruits also raw. There shouldn't be any s alt in it. You should preferably do without it completely. For this reason, many types of cheese should be avoided when eating food that is gentle on the stomach, unless they can be desalinated. If you cannot do without sweets at all, then use honey or stevia instead. Unfortunately, dry fruits such as dates, which are common in vegan recipes, irritate the stomach of many people.

Meat with vegetables is a good combination!

How to combine correctly!

When combining, you should preferably follow the rules for food combining. If that's not possible, then you should at least eat meat and dairy products separately. If you're perhaps pairing bread or carbs with meat, it's essential that you pay close attention to the amount. Below are some examples!

Examples of successful combinations!

You should ideally only combine the meat with vegetables. The salad is he althy with boiled eggs or a delicious type of cheese, or a low-fat dressing. The soup should ideally only contain vegetables and possibly meat, but no pasta. A compromise would be a lean meat tenderloin or ham sandwich. However, dressings containing cheese or dairy products would be too much. You can combine the meat with brown rice or sweet potatoes, but the portion must not be too large. Cheese in combination with carbohydrates is generally a very bad idea!

A sandwich with lettuce is an example of stomach-friendly eating

Make stomach-friendly eating a habit!

Many of the rules for stomach-friendly eating should be something common to you. This concerns the principles of combining, preparation, preferring whole grains and sweet potatoes over the others. When it comes to vegetables, you should focus on a greater variety, but that should form the basis of your diet. We would also like to recommend that you limit your coffee consumption. You should rather sweeten it with honey or stevia and combine it with coconut milk. By the way, stevia and coconut milk are natural probiotics. This also applies to some teas and clear soups!

Finally, always eat in peace and enjoy every moment! In this way, the stomach-friendly food will unfold its full potential in your body.

Before the usual should you prefer the sweet potatoes!

The vegetables are easier to digest in the form of green smoothies

Soups should be taken without noodles, but clear soups are generally good for the stomach!

Which types of fruit does your stomach tolerate better?

For the soups, use butter or coconut milk!

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