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Surely you already know! In addition to the zodiac sign, each of us has a flower that exactly matches the month of our birth. The special characteristics and the symbolic meaning of the birth flower reveal a lot about the character of the person born in the corresponding month. Logically, the 12 birth flowers are chosen according to the annual calendar. They are always typical of the season to which they belong. We have already presented the first six flowers for the birth months from January to June in the first part of this article. Surely you have noticed that every flower stands for special qualities and correlates with our personal character traits. In the following we would like to introduce you to the next six favorite birth flowers. If you were born in the second half of the year, you can definitely find the flower of your birth month underneath.

Elegance in blue! Delphinium is a beautiful blue flowering garden plant that is the flower of the birth month of July.

  • The larkspur is the flower of your birth month if you were born in July

If you were born in the sunny summer month of July, then jousting is the flower of the month of your birth. The beautiful flower inspires young and old in the garden in summer. Its showy blue flower spikes immediately draw attention.

These flowers are associated with grace and positivity. Larkspur is often associated with light-heartedness and open-heartedness. Most July-born people are also said to have these qualities. There are different types of delphiniums, which differ mainly in their height and color. Most grow between 140 and 170 cm tall. You can find your favorite blue at the delphinium. The color palette ranges from soft blue to sky blue and medium blue to violet. There are also delphinium flowers in white, pink and red, but they are rare here. These showy flowers require well drained soil and plenty of sun.

Blue larkspurs are an ornament for the garden.

The grace of Gladiolus is unique. They symbolize strength, moral integrity and strength of character.

  • August children have the gladiolus as the flower of their birth month

The attractive gladiolus is the flower of the birth month August. She came to us from southern Europe and the Middle East. In this country, this striking garden flower is still called "sword flower" because of its long, narrow leaves. The flower of the month of birth August not only adorns numerous gardens and parks, it also cuts a fine figure in a large vase. There are over 250 species of gladioli. Most gladioli reach a height of up to 150 cm. Their color spectrum includes every imaginable color, from white to pink, red, orange and yellow to violet. The attractive flowers of the gladiolus can be one color or multicolored and surprise with interesting color gradients. Depending on the strain, flowering can begin as early as June. Some gladioli bloom late and don't show off their colorful splendor until autumn.

Any flower lover can be stunned when it comes to the colors of gladioli.

The gladiolus prefers a sunny spot in the garden. Her exotic looking flowers are a real treat for the eyes. In short, the grace of the gladiolus is unique. Maybe that's why it was already in the 17th century. seen next to the rose as a token of love. Today, a bouquet of gladioli is considered a sign of admiration from the recipient. Today, the gladiolus is a symbol of strength, moral integrity and strength of character. These are typical traits of people born in August.

Asters enchant the senses with their fine flowers in eye-catching colours.

  • Lovely asters for those born in September

The matching flower for the birth month of September is the aster. This beautiful garden flower is considered a symbol of good hope and heartfelt wishes. In addition, they are said to have patience and great trust, which are also typical characteristics of those born in September. If you want to show your deep concern for a loved one, give them a bouquet of beautiful asters. This also expresses respect for the person receiving the gift. Find a suitable place in the garden for these typical autumn flowers, preferably in partial shade. Instead, the flowers will be in full bloom of delicate pink, blue and violet nuances thank you.

The asters show their beautiful colorful flowers in September.

Depending on the flower symbolism, the marigolds express warm love and romantic thoughts.

  • The marigold belongs to the month of birth October

The orange-colored marigolds go well with the October children. They radiate warmth and empathy. These typical fall flowers also symbolize romantic thoughts and affection. In other cultures they stand for passion and creativity. These marigolds are low-growing annual garden flowers that present us with their bright blooms of gold, orange and red tones in the fall. This blaze of color can be enjoyed all autumn long until the first frost. These flowers are easy to care for and thrive in full sun. In addition to their natural beauty, marigolds have an undeniable healing effect. They are mainly used for skin problems and for wound healing.

Cosmetic products and medicinal products containing calendula extract have a healing effect, especially on skin ailments.

This beautiful autumn flower represents optimism and sincerity.

  • November is the month of chrysanthemums

Anyone born in November has the chrysanthemum as the flower of the month of their birth. Exactly in November, the chrysanthemums show their magnificent flowers and decorate every garden with them. These stunning flowers will bring more color to the outdoors just before winter sets in. Chrysanthemums symbolize serenity and optimism. For example, the white chrysanthemum stands for sincerity, the yellow for eternity. The red chrysanthemum, on the other hand, is a symbol of deep love, while the blue expresses boundless fidelity.

Chrysanthemums are a natural garden ornament.

These bright red bracts are best suited to happy and sociable people.

  • The flower of the December born is the stunning poinsettia

The most typical flower of the Christmas season is without a doubt the poinsettia. In the run-up to Christmas, it can be seen everywhere and should not be missing from any festive decoration. Moreover, the poinsettia is considered the definitive one Christmas season symbol. In addition, he stands for success and love. Actually exactly for the qualities that characterize all December children. Search our website and you will find even more interesting information and care tips for the poinsettia. You need these exactly if this is the flower of your birth month.

The poinsettia is also a symbol of December festivities.

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