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There are many indications that our ancestors were well versed in the wisdom of the meaning of gemstones. They could identify the healing stones and knew how to best use their power. Our environment has a more or less effect on our current condition and nobody wants to deny that. Light, colors and smells can lead to a mental change in a flash, which unfortunately is not always positive. The world of esotericism talks about a certain cleanliness or hygiene, which can be kept in balance with the help of various healing stones, for example. In today's article we look at the amethyst effect and how it can contribute to brighter thoughts and more peaceful feelings.

The amethyst effect is primarily described as mild but definitely cleansing

The amethyst - appearance and special features

The amethyst shines in a soft violet and is not obtrusive or too classy. "Freed from intoxication" is the name in translation from ancient Greek and was worn as proof by kings to clear their thoughts. The stone is said to protect against falsehood and bad energies.

The effect of the gemstones allows you to subtly enhance the atmosphere in the room

Nowadays, even more positive properties are attributed to amethyst, such as a strengthening effect on concentration and objective thinking.

And if you've heard too often that it's good to have healing stones at your workplace, in the bedroom or in the bathroom, you should of course be aware of their meaning and effect in the room.

The wearing of amethyst is said to work well against test anxiety and drive away melancholy

Amethyst effect in the interior and as jewelry

The amethyst has the property (size and quality of the stone play a role here) to fill the room with a peaceful atmosphere and to increase the room energy. The effect is cleansing and liberating and one could say that thanks to the erected amethyst druses there is more warmth and harmony in the room.

Donate the amethyst geodes the room more harmony and domestic warmth

Anyone who chooses the amethyst as a piece of jewelery enjoys a charming charisma and weakened inhibitions. The color violet alone fires the imagination and improves self-awareness. In addition, ultraviolet is considered the trend color for 2022 and you can at least research its effect in this context.

The healing effect of stones and plants is proven by monastic medicine

The meaning of gemstones or a brief addition to your gift ideas

Giving presents to someone is always exciting and challenging. You do your best to find the right gift for someone in particular. Accessories and jewelry that are processed with precious stones may look magnificent, but what other effects or side effects can they have?

If you know someone who has an exam coming up, give him or her an amethyst stone as a gift. The enchanting stone is said to drive away grief and fears and give you a feeling of security and a lot of courage.

The stone also works with its color, which provides more imagination and creativity when working

The flowing water is important for discharging the stone, which is why it is fantastic as an interior element in the bathroom

Both male and female amethyst crystals exist, which affect both genders differently

A soothing and peaceful environment in the bathroom speeds up your recovery

The amethyst should also bring about better concentration and a clearer train of thought

The amethyst effect is suitable for the zodiac sign of the fire element. However, an Aries can benefit the most from his qualities. Jewelry with amethyst should be rinsed under running water after wearing.

The amethyst affects our determination and helps us to make important decisions

The stone is supposed to protect from false people and unclean thoughts

In addition to the border color 2022 ultraviolet, you can also rate the amethyst effect

The amethyst and its Color effects are accentuated in modern interior design

Gemstones should be regularly discharged under running water

An amethyst pendant can be a nice present for someone

Chains made of amethyst of all kinds are charming and not expensive

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